When Will The Book Open?

7:09:00 PMKrishna Rao

You wonder sometimes what I have written since it doesn't make sense to you at all. It looks like a very simple English, yet you are unable to make head nor tail of it. Your attention span is just a few seconds and here it's all crap and you seem to waste your precious time here. 

Ok! I get it. You could never understand because its beyond your ken and understanding. Just like me talking gibberish. Just like Robert de Niro never understood a word of their adopted sons mother talk in Big Wedding! It happens all the time. You are not supposed to understand every word of it. Otherwise you would be The Robot like Rajnikant. 
Lets get on with the narrative otherwise you will again say, look he's bsing again. 
The reason for not grasping the spiritual writing is because you are not supposed to know the true meaning just now. When the time is right the book of knowledge will open up for you. Only at the right time! Get it? Imagine Krsna telling Arjuna so many times in all Their lives and yet it doesn't seep in! The two are at it all the time. Some day when it is required by you the words will open up and their purport will be served. 
I have done the Bhagvad Gita so many times with so many of you in a face to face satsang and in a group also and the words have been heard by you but they have just not clicked in you. Don't bother about it. They are stored in your inner being forever and when you actually feel the need for them, they will surface. For more insights check out www.krsnaknows.com.


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