You Were Ignored?

10:13:00 PMKrishna Rao

You have been ignored all your life for your skin color, your race, your looks, your monetary status, your nature and for being an introvert. There isn't anyone who hasn't felt left out at all. Everyone once in a while goes through this ignominy of being eliminated by the society. 
So how have you felt? Downright miserable and have always wanted to coverup and hide under the blanket. Whenever you had made the efforts of breaking out of that state and tried really hard, there is always that someone who never wanted you to succeed. That mean person seems to have an axe to grind with you for whatever the reason you never could understand or comprehend. 
But then the state is brought about  by some adequacy you had felt about or pointed to by that person. It could be your own kith and kin who would have told you to drink more milk so that you could become fair or that mean boss who kept on looking at your flat chest and told you that you were road rolled when you were young.  
These inadequacies grew up into your second nature. You covered up your chest with long hair or used up all possible fairness creams ever made. Nothing seems to work for you. You had always dreaded that mean person to come in your path so you avoided him or her. 
This weakness told you to cover up or shut out your world. You avoided public contact till you found that unique person who loved you and made you feel like a queen. He or she never pointed to your faults but always made you feel special. 
That relationship does not last long so you are back to square one. There is no getting up and facing the world again. 
The same goes for a man too. The size of his organ or his balding pate. It could be anything that could trigger that inadequacy. Not necessary for a short come but even an overdose of something's can cause that. A head full of flowing hair could evoke a weird response. A good looking face could attract the wrong kind. That itself could draw the flack of calling you a faggot or a nigger. I too have been labeled that in my childhood so I do understand how you feel if you were called that. 
But then we are here to find a cure for that small feeling. That happens to us because we allow others to tell us what we are or aren't. We gave them a chance but no one has ever offered a chance to that voice inside of you that loves you so much. 
Stop listening to the people outside and listen to the voice inside. It tells you how good and great you are. 
Check out what they are actually speaking. The woman who is telling you that about your skin is pale all her life. She cannot stand the sun or the heat. She always wanted a tan which she could never get. The one who talked about your small breasts were actually envying your small frame and built. They were fat and wanted a lithe body like yours and not the hanging gardens of their own. 
Again all my teachers from the lower classes to the highest grade were in love with me! They couldn't take their gaze from my eyes. I could feel the power of my skin color and the matching eyes. Dark brown! 
This is exactly how you too should recognize your strengths and never consider them as weaknesses. The human being has been made passionately by God. Putting in all that He could possibly give, He has made you unique and wonderful. 
Recognize the beauty in you and make your so called weaknesses, your strengths. Live and love yourself. You are you because you are one of a kind. A unique being full of goodness filled by the divine. 


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