Check Your Wardrobe!

6:02:00 PMKrishna Rao

Check your wardrobe or cupboard and you will smarten! Go ahead open it! Look inside and you will be shocked beyond your wits to what you have been hoarding. 
Let's start with the clothes. Dresses, jeans, t-shirts, tops, sarees, underpants, vests, spaghettis, whatnots just lurking behind them! Now take your most prized garment and ask yourself- how many times have you worn that item? Let me just give you a scenario. The dress item was bought after a long deliberation and paying a bomb. Maybe a few thousands or hundred thousands. Who cares? Now ask yourself, how many times have you worn that? And then again, how many times will you wear that item? Just like your wedding gown, coat or dress or saree, you would have worn it once or few times. Now divide it by the money paid and then ask again... Is it worth so much money and time spent on it? 
Now go to the jewelry section and look again. All those heavy stuff hasn't been worn even a few times. And you have paid a huge ransom for that to the jeweler! Now just another jerk, you will say that I can sell it off. Bah! You know how much you are going to loose in all the charges? Some very large so called manufacturers of fine jewelry are a rip off. They won't give your money back. They will force you to buy more. Greed! 
Now come back to clothes. Each and everyone has a story to tell. Maybe it's a trip to Istanbul or London that you have bought some beautiful stuff and so it is lying inside the wardrobe. Or your girlfriend or wife has gifted you that tie or some coat which you hate but you gotta preserve it for peace in your life! Who knows? Each of them have a story to tell. Wonderful memories and sad ones too! Your dad or grandpa gave you that. It's a heirloom inside the family. I can't get rid of that and that and that and that too!!!
They all carry sweet and bitter memories so don't even think of giving it away. 
And anyway if I give in charity to someone, they will sell it away or junk it. They don't give a damn about it. Why should they anyway? They don't care so I can preserve it till I find someone who can appreciate it! 
You think like that! Someone will appreciate your crap? That person has her own so why will she take yours? If they take then they are beggars otherwise they are snotty! 
So now that you have understood how much of frivolous stuff we have hoarded or stashed away, you can see money take wings. Now calculate the amount and you will be shocked. 
So why this wasteful expenditure on oneself or other? Isn't it just pandering to your lower self and not at all understanding the true needs? Can you understand frugality? Can you save the world by not hoarding the resources? Your greed causes such huge wasteful expenses and with what gain? 
So the next time you go on your shopping spree, ask yourself how many times are you going to use that stuff? If the answer doesn't seem right then don't fill the dealers pocket and empty yours!
Be frugal, live within means, stop wasteful expenditure, don't plunder the mother earth for your greed, stop making others rich by buying useless stuff, judge for yourself it's utility value or efficiency, give to charity that which you can't use, save space, live a simple life, stop being greedy and lustful, 
And remember the next generation will not appreciate what you bequeath them. They only need money. So stop thinking about them. Live life now. Stop your future talk. Any which way you are the greatest antique yourself and no one values you so stop hoarding. 


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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much, Indrani. Wish you the same. Saw you that day at Milaap Indiblogger meet but couldn't catch up with you. God bless..

  2. Nice blog. We need to learn to live simpler life.

    1. Thank you Tomichan, sir. Happy New Year to you.


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