Wake Up To A New Day!

6:28:00 PMKrishna Rao

Everyone wakes up to the new day with anticipation or fear! Some days you get up and say that I wish I didn't have to get up like this everyday. You want to cover up and go back to sleep. 
Or maybe you just want to laze around till you really feel that you have to go somewhere, maybe the loo! Not everyone has the same energy and pep to be up, up and away! Like Superman! 
When you wake up, you open your eyes back into this world of yours and all your issues come back again. It might be an examination, a date to remember with someone you met the previous night, your creditors or even a flight to your dream destination. The coloring of your day happens with what you intend to face that day. 
You may just be lying around fully satisfied after a marathon love making session. That could be sugary sweet. Or after a very horrendous dream which showed you death and mayhem. 
So you lug yourself around after the feeling of dread or walk nimble footed when you got to catch an early flight. 
Your morning shines or bears you down with pressures. It all depends upon the impending activity lined up ahead of you. 
Why this fear or anticipation, laughter or sadness, inertia or wastefulness? 
Sleep is a time given for recuperating and rejuvenation. Then why get up with fear or listlessness? 
It's a start of a new day so why not be calm and composed? Why not get ready to face anything? Be it good or bad. You should feel good to face almost anything. Just last week a woman danced her way to a double hysterectomy. Not that I know what it entails. But I guess getting up with a dread and dancing away to a death defying act is any day better than the first. 
When we went to sleep the previous night, we laid down our issues and anxieties to rest but if we were to pick up where we left bringing back the same old stuff would not amount to resting. The body and mind have the power to recoup and revamp for the coming dawn. It has the power to arrive at right understanding and put things into correct perspective. Solutions to any problems arrive after a good rest and sleep. 
So when you wake up, have a smile on your face. You are ready to take on anything in this world. You can see your victory. So keep a calm mind and steady step. Walk with composure and steadiness. 
When you visit the loo, you will actually flush down the ugliness and dirt removed by your body from the previous day so keep a spring in your step. Walk with confidence to whatever that you have to face. 
It's a new day and you are onwards marching to glory. Be happy to face it. You were granted extension when you opened your eyes today. Be happy that you are alive. 


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