Life Isn't Equal!

6:59:00 PMKrishna Rao

Life isn't equal! Every life doesn't have equal value. God never made all of us equal. He made some rich, some poor, some healthy and others sick, some with happy disposition and others with acidic. 
Look around and you will find people with different hues, cultures, religions, beliefs, castes and creeds. This wasn't a production line up for a exact replication. Everyone is deliberately made differently. There is no equality. Freedom too has it's own space. Not everyone is free. Some are in bondage and slaved. Others rule over them. 
There are four classes as prescribed by the scriptures but their interpretation is wrong. People have biased beliefs or are not interested in believing the truth. Here I shall tell you the truth in today's perspective. 
The highest class are known as the knowers of truth. These go by the name Brahmans or the class of people who have absolute knowledge and understanding about the truth or God. They have seen God or experienced Him. How many of these knowers of truth are there? Hardly any!
Now we come to the Kshatriya class of people. They are the ruling class. These rule over their domain. They could be in politics, government, organizations or life. They have a domain to rule over. They are the leaders of men. They have underlings or people who work under them. 
The next class are the Vaishyas or the ones who trade. They are always dealing in something or the other. Their world is transaction based. They could be bankers, traders, valuers, commission agents, etc. They do business of everything. 
The last are the shudras or the lower class. These are followers of men. They do the help function. These folks are supporters or the general populace. Most people fall in this category. 
Now see how the upper class doesn't mingle with the lower one. There are always distinctions between classes. The CEO of a company doesn't mix around with the common man. He lives in the stratosphere and goes around in fancy aircrafts and limos. I am sure you understand the common man has no access to this leader of men. Just as you cannot meet the President of the country. 
So tell me where is equality here? No one is born equal. 
You cannot equate an autistic child with a normal healthy baby, can you? You feel compassionate towards that child but will you allow him to be a part of normal humans? They need special care and they should have it. Similarly a poor shanty dweller has to live in slums and cannot have palaces to himself. 
Everyone aspires for the moon. Hardly anyone gets it. Does it mean that you are not supposed to aspire or have dreams? No way. You are absolutely made that way. You want to move towards utopia and goodness in life. You cannot deny the goals and ambitions of man. He always works towards the ultimate. He wants happiness and joy in his life. He wants to become comfortable. He desires to get a good spouse, children, jobs, house, money in hand, holidays, comforts of life, great retirement and finally a happy ending. Who can say they never cared for such things? Everyone aspires, craves, desires and runs after these things. 
Not all get that. Rather, hardly anyone gets that utopian happiness. When someone says that they deserve to have that piece of goodness, it's only aspirational. No one gets it. Just a few privileged get it occasionally but for a very short time. There are dynasties and successions planned and executed. These are the ones who have the Goddess of Fortune by their side. Some have the Goddess of Knowledge on their tongues. Not everyone can be a privy to all these. 
The rich get richer and the poor stay poorer because of this inequality. There are the socialist kind too who feel that everyone deserves the same treatment but look at these hypocrites. They need special tickets to shows, seats on the dais, media attention, live in fancy houses, eat good food, are inaccessible, have fancy gadgets, hobnob with high and mighty, win prizes and accolades and they do host of things which a common man cannot be part of. These people only feign equality and socialism. 
The spiritual beings don't bother about any of these things because they know that God does everything for the best. He is full of benevolence and goodness. He loves his creation equally and without bias. He has made this creation sustainable and dependent on each other. Everything had justification right from the ant to an elephant. Vegetarians to the carnivores, trees to animals, heat to cold, man to a woman, the mighty to the subdued. Everyone is inter dependent on each other. 
The rich cannot become richer, if they do not have the poorer to exploit. The powerful are existing because they have the weaker to suppress. 
No one has equal value but they aspire to have it but can never get there. There will always exist an imbalance in this universe. Even though the imbalanced may try to set it in balance or equality but it will never happen. Like the adage, what had to go wrong will always go wrong. You may try to right it but it won't remain that way forever. It's our duty to keep on trying to set it right but know that it's always going to get out of shape sooner than you can imagine. So go ahead and try! Not every bird is an eagle to fly high in the sky. To each his own. 


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