Don't I Deserve It?

6:39:00 PMKrishna Rao

Don't I deserve a little peace of mind? You have often asked God whether you are deserving or not? You have worked so hard and prayed to The Lord and still He hasn't granted you much happiness or money or whatever that you have asked for. So now the question as to when will He shower His grace upon you and grant you your deepest wish! 
This question has been asked by literally all of you'll. Wanting to know what is making the desire still not fructify. Is there anything that is holding the wish granting or is it some other thing? So let me give you the lowdown of the how's and the why's! 
First and foremost the one thing that the devotee should understand is the destiny is at play of their particular life which doesn't hold the riches or the child that they have asked for. Isn't that the reason why they are asking for that boon? Just because they are not having it! So let us begin over there itself. You are not supposed to get that desire fulfillment in this life since that's how destiny has got written. But God has been kind enough to grant it to you in this life by His grace! 
Incidentally you are the one who does specific karmas to write your own destiny. So what is due to you has been concocted by you alone. Let me give you an example here. You are supposed to give 10k to one person but when it's the time to give, you gave him just 8k thinking that you will give him the rest soon but it never happens. He dies and then there is no way of returning the 2k. So you have to take rebirth along with him once again to return that 2k. I have over simplified it here but I guess you are intelligent enough to grasp what I am saying. 
So you alone write your own destiny under the aegis of the divine law. 
Now when you ask God for your wish fulfillment, you will be granted that since you are His dearest devotee. Like they say in the shastras the astasiddhis are constantly saying- Tathasthu or let it be! The astasiddhis are the eight divine powers which keep on granting stuff. So anyway the deed is done and you have been granted that wish. Now we come to the stage as to why it has not fructified! Let us see here by citing some examples. 
The wife has been granted a child after number of years of marriage. Now the time and date has been fixed for the d-day. Her husband is a sailor. He came and the day arrives but the woman has got herself tired working really hard so she procrastinates and sleeps off instead of making love. Now the day and time goes away. When will the next window of opportunity come? She has gone and blown up the chance and now it is easy for her to blame God for the wish not getting fulfilled. Why doesn't she understand that she is the one who blew her own chance? 
Now see from Gods point of view. He has made all the elements to come together like the sailors holiday, his sexual potency, the right sperm which will be potent, the perfect egg needed for the equation, the right date and time, the perfect opportunity is in place and she goes and buggers it up by tiring herself up and sleeping away thereby screwing up the perfect opportunity. So now hasn't He done His part of the deal? But she screwed it up and now she has the cheek to blame Him? 
So how many more opportunities are you supposed to get for your screwup? 
Isn't it like dropping the baton in a relay race by your clumsiness and then blaming someone else for your own error? So stop blaming God for buggering up your chances. The Poor Dude is struggling hard to make things happen for you by tweaking the entire universe and you go and bugger up the chances of success yourself and then blame Him! How ingrate you can be? 
So stop procrastinating and delaying the process yourself. Help yourself by doing the right things at the right time. 
Isn't His other creation doing things in clockwork precision except His best creation- the man? The man is the only creature who uses his mind and buggers up his chances of progress or success. Look at the sun or moon! They are perfectly doing their activities in synchronicity. Never do they delay or procrastinate. The eclipse happens at the precise moment and imagine them performing for zillions of years. Now look at yourself. You are full of laziness, laxity, sleepy, muddled, worked up, worried and what not. Why not do your stuff in time? Why not welcome success and be happy? Help yourself reach your goals by doing stuff precisely at the right moment. Don't delay anything. Just do it and don't bother about the rest. 
Let me assure you that God is not your enemy but your best friend. So don't you go about blaming God for your own issues. Start doing your stuff precisely and concisely. Don't screw up your own chances. And stop blaming God! He sanctions every little whim of His dearest devotee and expects him to do his part but the devotee should be gracious and diligent enough to keep his part of the deal by performing his duty in time. Then he will be sure to get delivery of his wishes. 


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