Life Isn't Fair

7:58:00 PMKrishna Rao

Life isn't fair, they all say! Almost all of us have this grouse that life hasn't treated us kind and that every other person had benefitted much more than us. 
A young boy sprayed bullets and slashed his victims for girls not accepting him as a boyfriend. Before he died he had left behind a manifesto and a video message for all to see. It spoke of so many things that he had missed having in life. So his ultimate dastardly act was to kill and extract revenge in such a desperate way. 
Isn't every individual at the receiving end, whereas life's demands and needs are concerned? You want things which other have but you don't appreciate what you already have. 
Take the case of siblings living in the same house. They always feel there is a bias in their family. One gets more than the other. Similarly when you go to school or college, you learn to envy the one who has the best arm candy, someone who gets a better vehicle to the institution or someone who dresses nicely. The rivalry and subsequent ill will doesn't restrict itself to material objects but even to ranks or studies. 
We live in a competitive environment and we have to fight for everything in life. Jobs are extremely hard to get by and there always will be bias where the one who have much stronger pull or influence gets to eat the cake. What happens to the rest is known by all of us. You sulk and curse no end. You figure out that you are the unluckiest of them all. You believe you are singled out for the worst kind of treatment by the universe or God! Whichever you believe in, you feel that you are not the favored one. 
You are always singled out by life as the loser. The triggers are too many for comfort. A simple dress or pocket money could also set the bells ringing. A human can let go even for the stupidest notion. A preference by the girl over a set of twins. The one who is not preferred could set off the rivalry. 
You begin to compare everything in life. Every comparison will be biased. You are always going to set higher bars for yourself with respect to the haves. The have-nots are always the losers. 
To get those things that you have missed, you go about the task vengefully. You plan the whole delicious enterprise for personal gratification. Whether to pinch the article or upset the balance. The mind becomes more devious and shows you methods which can lead you to ruin. But you don't care about the consequences. 
You can become utterly unscrupulous and absolutely unrighteous. It's easiest to slip and think of yourself as the righteous Robin Hood. But little knowledge is always harmful. 
Legally these things are criminal in nature. Slander, robbery, deprivation or whatever the perpetrator is aiming to do to equalize the equation is absolutely harmful and dangerous. 
Let me elaborate here. 
A rebound relationship triggered by the spouse or partners infidelity is sure to attract the wrong kind of people. It may lead to bigger mistakes in life. 
Seeing others earn more than you, could set off the fire of corruption or fudging accounts. 
Whatever are your reasons for going the wrong way, it's the easiest to blame deprivation or lucklessness. 
Objects by themselves are not the cause of your misfortune. Take for example, a bottle of liquor contains alcohol and has the inherent quality of intoxicating a person if consumed in a certain quantity. You know that the bottle can cause that. But it's within your purview whether to fall for that or not. To stop yourself getting in the harms way, is very much within your grasp. 
You cannot blame anyone besides yourself for getting yourself in that state. The objects have their inherent qualities but it is your call that can put you down or make you rise. You can avoid or stay away from things that are going to cause you much heartbreaks and sufferings later on in life. 
How much of self control or tenacity you have will determine your course. Have faith in your abilities and the intellect which guides you towards goodness. It's easier to fall for sin or temptations in life, but tough to stand up erect. Don't give in to the petty mind. Get over the silly desires which can make you fall flat. Remember desires are the root cause of all evil so don't succumb to it. Beware of the snake in the garden of Eden. 
Be good to yourself and always give yourself that credit that if you were to go about getting the object in the righteous manner, you will never fall to sin or temptations. Be brave. 


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