Unfollow And Unfriend?

8:59:00 PMKrishna Rao

So what makes someone unfollow or unfriend another? Is it aversion or irritability, anger or apathy, hatred or jealousy? There could be many more reasons for an individual to do that. But then what is the truth? 
First let us understand why people come together first. The universe has a unique way of putting together some folks for fulfillment of some karma. Your association with another being is always due to the karmic bonds established in some other life. It may just be a casual meeting or even a life changing one, like marriage. Whatever the type, you were destined to meet the other individual. 
Now how does the aversion or hatred translate into the relationship? Whatever that individual had expressed about the other in some life, it is exactly reversed out to face it. So if we were to understand the truth about the same relationship, look at it this way. Simply put, both the husband wife in this life were wife husband in that order in their last life, not necessarily human! If one beat the other, the other would beat now in exact reversal of role. So there is a direct equalization at all times. Anything over and above the receivable is called the additional new karma, which has to be equalized in some other future life. Now all this is valid for material beings only. Not for the spiritual. 
So the aversion or hatred, dislike or plain apathy happens due to the inability of humans to accept another. Destiny plays it's card too. Nature rebels and doesn't allow humans to forfeit their bonding by separating them, thereby continuing the karmic action for perpetuity. Hatred or aversion creates ill feelings for others which persists even after destruction of relationships. Imagine you are having your girlfriend on the Facebook same page but soon you'll split up. You barred her by blocking her access. But she continues to see your profile through your mutual friend. This creates a tremendous amount of ill will for you. She hates every move you make in the world. She curses you and spreads rumors about you. Can you see how you are trapped deeper and deeper into the same shit you wanted to get out from? The karmic bonds are becoming tougher and stronger. Even though you two aren't together, yet the bonds are cementing a very long lasting repayment schedule in lives to come. These bonds can never sever soon. 
Even in my spiritual world, sometimes I have to face people moving out and making space for their own path. They leave the Guru after speaking ill about him, calling names, spewing venom or blaming Him for all the issues and troubles in their own lives. Some are vocal about it and some just drop off. They all have their own grudges to contend with. It doesn't mean that they can never be sorted out but who wants to try? 
The things a Guru teaches is to overcome the body and mind and to have complete dispassion, detachment and discrimination. It is the personal ego which dictates the actions. When ego surfaces, the individual has personal axes to grind. 
The grace of the Master is universal but one who decides to move away or move on doesn't feel it at all. Remember it is the color of the glasses which decides the color you see of this world. With defective vision, you will see defect in everything and everyone. So these poor folks are deceived by Maya to see red only because they are wearing red goggles. Got it? The coloring of the Master happens due to maya alone. 
So you will find that these hapless souls are going to take another round of life and death cycle to reach the same cross point when they deserted their Master! 
So unfollowing or unfriending is common in every domain. Except in spiritual they loose time and there are no karmic loops like the material beings. 


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