What Use Is Man?

9:38:00 PMKrishna Rao

What use is man? I was reading about a young girl who thought as a child that girls were born to women and boys to men. Later when she saw a boy born to a woman, she asked the question to her mother- what use is the man to a woman? She couldn't fathom a man's use to humankind. So that brings up the question- what use is man? Is he only for the purpose of procreation? 
Today man has made himself redundant by all his shortcomings. Either he is not a good family member, a good student, a good employee or an employer. He falls down in the duty of a father by not spending time with his kids. He messes up in his marital relationships by not bothering about his spouse and in laws. Or he is too much involved in his toys, games, friends, activities, own body or sex. 
The woman in the meanwhile is taking strident steps in conquering the domain which was till now unfamiliar to her. She has taken to the skies, seas, land and outer space. From boardroom to bedroom she has demanded perfection. The strangest part is her physical demand which didn't exist even a few years ago. Statistics showed that 46% of the women in this world now use artificial devices for personal gratification. Another article yesterday said how there are very few eligible men available in the Americas today.  It's an alarming thought that a day may come when the entire male population may become redundant. But is that how the whole tilt may happen? Or should we see from the women's point of view? I guess then it would throw up another great perspective. Till today they have been dominated and treated worse than anything in this world. So the time has arrived when they take decisions in their own hands and decided on the future of their life goals. To lead and show the world how much they can single handedly run the world. 
Yesterday the politician husband was needed by the woman to get her the place in politics but today she has the political will to stand alone. This can be proved by so many woman political leaders. Whether it's America or Asia, women have captured the political grounds on their own strength and merit.  
The Harvard's of this world too are populated by women. From Economics to Physical sciences, medicine to electronics, exploration to deep sea diving, women have shown their grit and determination. There isn't any sphere left where they are not leaving their mark. 
One of the important things the women have to fear and that is the devil of tamas in Kaliyuga. They will be haunted and driven by negative emotions. Tendencies like laziness, inertia, lethargy, adharmic acts, competing with men in all their wrongful acts, etc., can lead them towards the fall. To rise above they will have to follow the dharma and rules of this Yuga. Kali will be the ruling Goddess and She is ruthless. This Yuga is for the women to rise and rule. 
It's the first time in the four Yugas that God has given opportunity to the women of this world to become great and rise. They should not let it slip from their hands in becoming like any other man. I shall give you examples here to clarify that. 
A person recently attended a woman's group meeting and found piles of cigarettes and bottles of liquor lined up for women to smoke and drink themselves. Almost all did that. They were trying to compete with the incompetent man to become like him. In another case a beautiful intelligent women who went to the bar downed eleven drinks in a row and wanted to compete with the two men whom she went with. Later, when I asked her why she did that? She answered that she is better than any man and can outdo him and win. She can out best any man. But what use is bettering yourself in the worst possible way? Sad! 
God has given women beautiful mind, body and senses to rise above and not to waste themselves. 
The same tools can be used for doing good or bad. A knife can be used to cut vegetables or kill humans. Haven't you see guns being misused in the Americas? Just so that the women's of this world should realize that they have been given great stuff by God to rise above and rule this world. Do that with goodness. 
Be your good self and use this God given opportunity to win yourself the highest place in this world. The Yuga of man is over now. Strike when the iron is hot. Do something good about it. 
Time to rise. So rise, women! 


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