Accepting Responsibility.

7:15:00 PMKrishna Rao

Human beings are a great one to shy away from accepting responsibility. 
No longer does the person show the same enthusiasm that they did sometime back. No longer do they have the power or energy to do that job, which they performed with gusto earlier. No longer is the sex the same as it used to be. So now tell me what is wrong with that person? 
Years haven't gone by to say that they have lost touch with it. It doesn't mean that a person goes out of practice suddenly in life. Wasn't it the same person who was a pro, now feigns to not know what to do? 
Do you require expert teachers to tell someone how to do things? Or is it self learning that teaches one to do certain things. You need not take training at a five star institute to be the best. You can read or just observe and start doing stuff. At other times it's just instinct that guides you. 
Take the case of a calf which just after birth had to get up and start running away from predators. Then has to correctly find the mother and know the teat to feed herself. Now what has taught that deer or calf to do such a thing? No one taught her that. How does she recognize her mother? How does she know the enemy? How can she start galloping as fast as she can to save herself? Doesn't that tell you it's the ability of every creature to know and understand stuff even without formal training? That you only need some sort of motivation or fear to drive you to do that task? Even if you don't know swimming, won't you try to do that and save your life if you accidentally fall into deep waters? 
It just goes to show that everyone has the inherent capacity and capability to do almost everything, yet they do not exercise it till they are forced by circumstances to do so. It actually goes to show that only if one is cornered or put in a big fix will that individual try to wriggle himself out. Putting a gun against someone's head only will make them do certain things which otherwise they refuse to do so. 
Human beings are the most resourceful amongst all animals. So when the going gets tough they come up with some solution always. 
We can come up with answers for almost everything. Take the case of the Indian space program. Since their budgets were constrained, they used the freely abundant gravitational energy available to catapult their space craft towards Mars. This mission cost ten times lower than a similar project sent by USA. 
We have learnt the phrase- where there is the will, there's the way! So if the person is having a great will or motivation, he will do almost everything. But his tendency is towards tamas or inertia. It's the push or pull that will make him do something. Otherwise he will just be a wasteful being. 
Motivation could be almost anything at all that interests him. It could be money, position, sex, power or just plain lust or greed. Self motivation is an important factor in his performance. 
So when someone says that they don't know how things are done, even after doing such similar stuff previously, know that they are just lying or avoiding it. They are bound to give you enough reasons for not doing it. So just don't take no for an answer from them. Invoke their anger or fear and make them do it. 
That goes for you too. Stop giving no and not possible as the answers. Start doing things which you have always done before. Stop giving false pretenses and start doing. You are capable of everything. You just need a kick in your backside to do it. I am sure, nature is doing a great job pushing you. So get up you lazy bone and start pushing your limits. 


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