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3:54:00 AMKrishna Rao

How do you find solutions to the most vexing issues in life? I know this is a hot topic and even those who are going to glance about it will know that they too are irritated with lots of stuff. Finding solutions is a stupendously difficult task. If it were easy then you wouldn't be trying to find solutions. 
What could be troubling you most of the time? Life, money, job, education, relationships, death, diseases, emotional imbalances, material problems, spiritual issues and many more which are equally troublesome. 
So let us begin by identifying the issue that is troubling you. So what is it? Can you elucidate and write it down. Are you actually able to identify the exact problem or are you confused about it? If you are confused then how will you reach the solution? So better be sure what your issue is. If you have a cluttered mind then you will never be able to focus on the issue. So now are you sure what your problem is? Absolutely and exactly sure? So now we can go to the next step. 
After identifying the problem, you have to zero on to the pain points of the issue in question. What exactly are the pain points? Say you have money problems then the pain point is too much expenditure, credit cards over limits, health bills or whatever. It could be even less income or whatever. These need to be identified. 
Can they be addressed now or do you need some time before you could address them? Say you are now recovered from illness so it may take a few days to solve that. Lay it thread bare and keep all other stuff away. Here it only requires a concentrated efforts not to clutter up the issues with other useless stuff. If you have to clear your card payments then don't come up with something which was supposed to arrive next season like your sisters wedding. That is a separate issue which needs different handling. 
Remember, when you allow your mind to go scot free, it is going to wander in directions where it is not supposed to graze. Got that? Don't wander around in the maze of your mind. Focus! 
Loosing focus of your objective is the main reason for your failures to find solutions. So learn to focus on the issue with single pointed devotion. Only to the issue and nothing else. 
Then write down various solutions that you can find. It could be the silliest one too. Don't get unduly disturbed by the complexity or silliness of the solution. Remember, there could be very simple solutions too. Write them down one by one so that you will get some clarity. Only at the end, write down that you will be unable to do anything at all. But don't write that in the beginning. If you can't see the stuff clearly then you have closed all the doors and have given up. But man lives on hope. You know for sure, human beings are strugglers and survivors, so breathe. You are not a coward or a sneak to fall for the stupidest answer so don't even look in that direction. So begin writing down all that you can to get out of the logjam. After every night there is sunshine or daylight. So stop feeling that your world has come to an end. Even the polar bear waits out for six whole months before he burrows out of the hole where he has gone to hibernate. 
Patience and perseverance are two terms which are desperately needed by everybody to win. So be patience and wait out when need be. Sometimes it takes time to get the solutions. Like the fruit to become ripe or efforts to pay off. So keep the faith in this universe and your efforts to pay off. Rome wasn't built in a day they say and you too know it. So plod on and keep going. Perseverance doesn't come about if you are not sure of the answers so know that babies don't fall from above but are a fruition of long drawn activity. 
One word we used in the previous para and that was Faith! If you don't believe in your own abilities or your strengths then how will you succeed? So keep the faith and proceed diligently. 
Tools of the trade are needed which will lead us to the right solution. If you feel that you need some vehicle or implement to get to your solution then go get it first. Which means if you want to earn some extra income and know how to be a karaoke jockey then get yourself a laptop with lots of latest numbers to win. So the right kind of tool is needed to find solutions. 
People too are important to solve issues. Friends, relatives, consultants, experts in subject matters, parents, spouses, doctors or professionals, teachers or even spiritual people can offer assistance for your problems. Approach these people with humility and some sort of compensation then seek their help. Never take any kind of solution gratis. Pay for any kind of services used. It could be even to your parents or nearest friends. Sometimes experts have a better understanding than those who are novices like you so consider them first. 
Application of the right fix is very important. So when you do that take into consideration the pros and cons. Do a due diligence or give it a sample trial or do a prototype. Sometimes a sample helps. Try it out, taste it, run it on test bed, do a simulation exercise. In real life situations it is important to be absolutely sure the solution works. So you may have to do some research or analysis of the situation before full implementation. In relationships, some kind of patch helps. Maybe flowers or cards, messages of apologies or hand shakes. Do whatever it takes. Borrowing or lending too may be a solution. The man on the spot knows it well so be there and see it through.  
After you have got the hang of the situation, go about applying the solution. Go along smoothly and polish your acts. Don't do it half hearted. Just put all that you have got in you to get the correct answers. Work hard and with determination. Keep your eyes on the line of sight. Fire with precision and see the magic of results. 
There isn't any problem which has been created without a solution. Have that conviction which helps you arrive at the perfect answer. All answers are within you alone. You don't have to seek answers anywhere else. Seek them within you. The problem is your own and the answer too. 
Just as the dog is the solution for your security so also he is a problem of security. Any wrong doings of that dog is your own problem. If he just keeps on barking all night long, it will not let you sleep. So training the dog properly to bark at the right time and place is so important. 
All known problems are our own creations. Eating cold ice-cream causes cold to us. We then take medicines to reverse the effect. Similarly we overeat to have indigestion and then we take antacid to reverse the effect. So you are your own problem and you find your own solution too. 
So why create problems for yourself in the first place. These problems came because of your own desires alone. So eradicate these desires and there won't be any issues at all. 
So know that desires created problems within us alone. Loose them. The solution is not to create problem in the first place. In case you do create, know that solution too is your own. So seek it within you. Of course by applying the above methods. 


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