Waste Of Time At Airports!

5:48:00 PMKrishna Rao

Sheer waste of time at airports! How would you like to spend time at the airport when your flight is delayed? Reading, sitting, sleeping, chatting or just getting bored? Human beings have a great wait coming over them! 

Mostly you will find people getting busy over their phones or just simply surfing the net. Usually it's just a super waste of time and no regards for the improvement of their life skills or knowledge. 
Imagine you meeting George Clooney at the airport. What wouldn't you do? He would surely get surrounded by folks who would love to have a selfie taken or some other chatting him up. 
Now imagine Sri Sri Ravishankar amongst these folks. He would have people swooning over him. Some seeking spiritual solace and some just another pearl of wisdom. But would they ever leave him alone? No way! 
Life throws us great opportunities to spend precious time gaining knowledge but we spend time wasting it. After all, this is the only life for you so why would you not seek some wisdom or profit in life? A business opportunity, a writing opportunity, an opportunity to meditate, another great opportunity to further your career and maybe retrospect about what life has taught you! 
Some crib about life, bitch about how they have been deceived by destiny, some take the trouble of searching for some food, others just gawk at females passing by. Criticizing others becomes a past time for some and others just stare at the clock ticking away. 
I have always indulged in people watching, reading, increasing my knowledge base or just about browsing the book stalls therein. After coming into spiritual, it's either satsang time or writing time. Meditating on the spirit has created calmness at the predicament one faces of wasting time. 
Life has too much to offer to choose from. Watching television or adverts makes time for some. Others drinking latte or some other while surfing in the free wifi zone. Sleeping or lounging on the long lounging chairs works magic for some. Others stare at space vacantly. 
Sometimes I wonder what goes on in the minds of people who sit endlessly there. Until their flight is ready for departure they just laze in body alone. Mind traveling backwards and forwards in time. Staring away at a young woman tending towards her child, draws one towards the folly one faced in the same position earlier. It's either sympathy or pure derision. 
Some walk up and down the terminal building seeking some source of entertainment to while time. Watching young people or staring at people eating away as if there isn't another day. Some man-spreading or just falling on top of their neighboring passenger snoring or in deep sleep. Arranging and rearranging bags and finding pretty girls to chat up. 
While some getting very infuriated with the airline for delaying the flight and swearing never to fly the same airline again. 
Some minister or film actor passing by with his retinue evokes some interest. Meanwhile there are plethora of announcements. Some speak in local dialect while most speak up in English. Things that sell at international terminals like chocolates, watches, clothes, trinkets, souvenirs and eats or drinks make up for the stores peddling their wares. People moving in and out. Charging phones or talking away. Some on laptops and some other on their music players. 
Flight delays or weather conditions are a normal phenomenon. Overbooking or empty flights too are a norm. Thinking about the food in the airlines brings shivers to many. The prices of the food products at the terminals are a cause of concern to others. The drive down is painful, wasting a great amount of time which they might have otherwise saved flying down. 
The airport wait is truly too time consuming. I am sure if you actually sit down to calculate the amount of time wasted at the airports, you will be shocked. So why waste it? 
Read, write or do something constructive. Maybe you could get an additional degree in that time, I feel! 


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