Purpose Of This Life?

5:21:00 PMKrishna Rao

What is the purpose of this life? What it is- "Serving the purpose for being there?" Humans don't have much idea about these terms. What does it mean "to serve the purpose?" Hardly anyone has any clue to the deeper meaning of these words. 

We are all born here on this planet, for a certain reason. You may believe that you are here to enjoy the birth alone. You may not be wrong in that. Sometimes some folks are born with the silver spoon in their mouth and they live a very luxurious life. Enjoying every aspect of it. Living in the lap of luxury, they become indulgent and wasted. Enjoying their riches, wealth, sex and various thrills that life has to offer, they loose themselves in such excesses. 
Some others suffer miserably! They do not have anything to call their own. Living day to day on handouts and begging for the basic necessities of life. These could be homeless and vagrant too. Striving and struggling harder than most others, these folks go through a grind. Destiny never seems to favor them and the world treats them with disdain. Disrespectful and degraded almost every time, these miserable souls suffer terribly. Now ask them if they have a purpose in life or not? They will have no clue. Equally clueless will be the ones with the silver spoon type. 
The common man is worried about his purpose in life and constantly thinks about it. He is the thinking man given to reasoning and worrying about destiny. He believes in the path of life, God, destiny, astrology, palmistry and other such subjects. He consults oracles, daily horoscopes and temple/church priests. He looks out for signs, omens, divine calls or just follow his peers or forefathers callings. Sometimes he believes the son of carpenter should be a carpenter. At other times he believes he should give his parents some relief by earning more in other professions and taking care of the household. At other times he sees the misery his parents are in and vows never to be penniless. He sets out to earn more than others and changes his ways of looking at life. He becomes aggressive and focussed till he meets his nemesis. It is either marriage or children. All of these above circumstances are applicable to women as well. They are today the bread winners of their families. So they too have no clue about their own calling. 
Most of the people believe that their profession or work related life is their true calling. The people believe that the purpose in life is to succeed in gathering wealth, working till the end of their lives, taking care of their families, looking after their parents, earning well, being truthful and diligently working hard, following a lawful and a just path, crusading against injustice, religious tolerance towards all, religious intolerance towards others, creating healthy and peaceful society, planting trees or making the earth free from noxious gases, enjoying life, teaching others, traveling or just searching for the elusive true calling. There are many more such reasons for living this life. Even after going through what they have gone through would they say at deathbed whether they knew their true calling or their purpose in life? No one dies with the idea of having served their true purpose in life. 
When no one really knows what their purpose in life is, then why are they not interested to find out that strenuously? Who can tell anyone what their purpose in life is? Can the parents, teachers, bosses or friends say to them what is the reason for them being there? Some people believe that they have been brought here to father the next generation. They follow old and archaic laws which defines the superiority of man. Then they try to self impose their own distorted vision about the future. 
Nothing points out towards that vision of their own purpose. 
They believe there are superior people out there who have knowledge about their true calling. Mentors, consultants, therapists, shrinks, psychologists, career consultants, IQ or other testing experts are capable of guiding these lost souls. Not at all! They are themselves confused and have no idea about any of your purposes in life so what makes one think that they can guide? There aren't any courses or materials which could tell us that. So why waste time and money in false pursuits? 
Even the spiritualists believe that following your life purpose is impossible. Nothing points towards that elusive goal. It is a long drawn out process in life. Knowing your true calling is like finding rare metals. After refining gold there are only traces of platinum. Very expert hands have to refine you further and further to reach your destination of knowing the true calling. 
The Guru takes you under His wings to train you into that. Making you go through an extremely tough training, He pushes you to your limits. Enduring Him and keeping eyes on your goals is the only way of reaching your true purpose in life. He uses long drawn out methods of perfecting you as the tool. Since His ways are not fathomable and techniques unknown to an individual, we should allow Him to guide us search for the purpose. You will surely reach your destination and become fulfilled. So be with Him to know the truth. Your purpose will be revealed to you soon. Just have faith in Him and surrender to Him. 


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  1. Most of ours time will be wasted without a goal. This is a nice article...surrender and walk towards goal. The Guru will make us to reach the goal...hope everyone follows these...good article

  2. Life has no purpose other than what each one of us gives to it. Animals live merely for eating and procreating. Man has reason and imagination, unlike animals, and hence require (to create) a purpose for living!


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