Afraid Of Fear?

12:49:00 AMKrishna Rao

Are you afraid of fear? Fear is the primary moving force in this world. Fear drives nations and human beings. Fear rules the land of animals and birds too. 

The smaller nations are afraid of bigger neighbors. The mightier suppresses the weak. The power of death or annihilation drives one to become subservient. Nations with more nuclear weapons or weapons of mass destruction force those who don't have into submission. Threats by the powerful ones are ruling the weak. 
The fear of losing someone drives one to cling to that someone. The greater the fear factor, easier is the suppression. Look at the big guys threatening the smaller or punier ones in school and college. I shall elaborate a few cases here to drive home the point how fear rules the world. 
A woman was beaten black and blue by her husband and threatened, gave into becoming a slave for many years. He punished her whenever he could for no rhyme or reason. He was a defense personal and very huge compared to her. One day she couldn't take it anymore so she ran! She had to run away and stay in a strange city hiding from him. Always afraid of him. Later she filed for divorce and got it. Till then she was terrified. 
Another was driven by desire to get married and fell into the trap of another married person. Promising marriage, they went ahead and got embroiled into a complex relationship leading to suicide attempts. Fear drove them both into this state of disarray. The person couldn't get out of the previous marriage and the newer relationship was hanging low. There wasn't any scope for resolution hence the ultimate act of self destruction. 
Emotional blackmail too plays an important role in fear. Fear of exposure or of loosing someone creates the loop in the system. Criminal minds use fear as the weapon for gaining access to the fearful ones. Parents too threaten children with many things like grounding them or taking away their privileges. They instill fear in the children to get something's done. Like the homework or putting their toys in place or straightening up their rooms. 
In the Internet and connected world too fear rules. The data is not secured and neither is your life. You are exposed the moment you are available on the net. Money, life, properties and even national security is an open book on the electronic media and Internet. 
The terrorist play heavily on the same premise of fear. The different terror groups are using the fear to make great nations come to their feet. Hijacks and bomb blasts create panic and terror in the hearts of people and once fear sets in the perpetrators have an upper hand. Guerrilla warfare, land mines, kidnapping, terror threats, killing innocent men and chemical warfare are terrible methods employed by devilish humans to control people and take over land masses. Genocides and gas chambers are examples from the past that haunt us even today. 
Now let's look at religion or the fear of God as propagated by humans from time immemorial. The ever angry God smothered humans and destroyed races and spread plagues and diseases. He brought about destruction to the enemies and the unwanted. Again the fear of God was responsible for people bowing down to him and bringing them under control. Religious groups declare bold edicts which force humans to follow unwanted and destructive practices. The entire communities across the world are afraid to come out and declare their leanings. The LGBT are fighting for their rights to marry and live in the society as normal people. 
In some societies it is taboo to declare that they are having an affair before marriage. Fear of being barred by such societies forces the couples to elope or get married secretly. In some places the price for losing virginity is death so no one declares anything at all. The recent killings of the press folks in France speaks volumes about the fear that grips society. 
From purely spiritual perspective alone fear has to be discarded. Truth should be welcomed. But even the spiritualist is afraid since cultists and atheists are driving them up the wall. Since the religious cannot prove the creationist theories or the existence of God, these extremists are pulling them down. Butchering them on various platforms by quoting passages which look redundant in today's day and age. No one knows their true meanings so these poor folks cannot defend themselves. 
In ancient times the believers were in large numbers and anyone who was accused as witch or devil worshippers were condemned. Today the reverse is true. The religious are condemned. People leave their religion when someone else offers them better facilities and loans. 
Fear will rule this world and the next too. Knowing the truth and living with it without provocation or staying incognito the spiritualist will win. So the great sages were quiet and stayed away from this material world. Those who are fearless roam the world free and they are the "avadhuta!"
Avadhuta are free since they have nothing to loose including their life. They do not possess anything, do not have an itinerary for travel or motive too. They eat when they want to and whatever is offered to them. They stay wherever they are told to and have no desires of any kind. They do not crave for money or name fame. They have no conformity to societal norms or rules. They are completely detached and dispassionate. They are free. 
Such is my Gurudev Dattatreya. He is free and absolutely fearless. He is the Avadhuta.   
To become free from fear you have to give up desires and possessions. Free yourself from attachments and cravings. Rid yourself of this idea of body and mind. You are the eternal soul so know that you are the divine and this life of yours is just a put on act. Knowledge about this divinity makes one free of fear. You are that divine soul.   


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