How Does One Have Equanamity?

2:43:00 AMKrishna Rao

How does one have equanimity?
There is a pendulum which swings from left to right.
If I consider left as one extreme and right as other then on one side is happiness and the other side is sorrow.
If one side is like the other side is dislike.
On one side is hate and other side is love.
But when we are centered we do not experience anything at all.
That is wrong since no one can be centered.
To be centered is to be inert or non moving.
It means stationary or just staying put.
No one can stay put even if he is a Buddha since activity is central part of all living creatures.
No one can stay away from the charms of maya also.
So everyone is trapped in the continious motion of life. Maya helps us in taking sides.
She tells us this is likable and that is not.
Maya tells us not to be afraid or become fearless and on the other hand she makes us very fearful or afraid. 
So then where is equanimity?
Equanamity means not to be swayed by either of the swings.
You can swing but don't get trapped into decisions or making judgements.
Just go along with the swing and don't come under the spell of maya.
You may get angry for sometime but calm down soon.
You may like something but discard that notion immediately.
You may hate someone but you need not carry the grudge forever.
The biggest gift to man is the mind but the same mind can be very destructive too.
So keep it under check constantly.
Do not allow the thoughts to flow in one directions tagging along behind the previous one like a chain.
Cut it and go ahead towards neutrality.
Ramakrishna Paramhamsa once asked Mathur babu to get him a beautiful silk shawl.
The devotee got the most expensive shawl and the Master accepted it.
He wore it for a moment and asked him how he looked, then in one single stroke he discarded it.
Likewise people got Saibaba beautiful ornaments and crowns too.
They put the heavy golden crown on his head and then in a jiffy he took it out and gave it away.
He sometimes became very angry and went behind the devotee with his baton.
In an instant, he cooled down and continued to talk as if nothing has happened.
So don't worry when you come under the swing of duality.
Experience it just for that instant and then let it go.
Get back to oneness with equanimity.
God is all about equanimity and equipoise.
He envelopes everything and everyone. The bad and good are both sides of one coin.
Success and failure are also two sides of the coin so don't sway.
Experience both and don't get carried away with anything or anyone.
God is everything, so just meditate on the Lord alone and let whatever has to be!
With constant practice alone can you reach the state of a yogi and retain equanamity.
So keep on trying and someday you will be there.
Practice, practice, practice!!!


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