Stories We Tell Ourselves!

6:35:00 PMKrishna Rao

We all love stories about people who have reached some great statuses or life goals. We read them over and over again or watch videos about them. We admire their guts and appreciate how they overcame difficulties to reach their lofty goals or destinations. 

Just recently I posted an article about a couple who quit their active life, sold everything that they had and set sail to travel to various countries and live life like a nomad. Then there was another article which talked about three women who were interviewed, who spoke about their lives and the various breaks they got. Stories about how they were rejected and finally how they were able to find their billion dollar enterprises. These stories talk about their determination and grit to get to their goals come whatever may. 
So then we come to a point where you are unable to get anywhere in life and hope to emulate these type of people too and don't know how to do it. So now let's see why you are unable to do that. 
First let's check out if you can keep the promises that you have made to your own self! You start by saying to yourself that you will get up early next morning to start the day by putting on the alarm and getting all pepped up. Next morning you make concessions to your own self and shut off the alarm saying that you are tired and would like to sleep for few more minutes. These few more minutes turn in hours. These issues are the first deterring factors of your road to failures. MAKING CONCESSIONS TO YOURSELF. 
The next one are the STARTING TROUBLES. What do I mean by it? You are very determined to begin somewhere and you put your best foot forward but you are pulled down by your inability to proceed further. You can't see the future at all from where you stand. So you want to know whether what you are doing is going to take you where you wish to go? Anyway you decide that the best way out of that is to wait and watch. You give yourself time to see whether you're able to restart what you gave up again soon. So the words that you use here are LETS WAIT AND WATCH. You truly believe that you have too much time in hand. You are sure you will be alive the next few years to start your dream project some day. But you know it is never going to happen ever again.
The next one is very easy to see. You are bogged down by your own job and surroundings. Maybe it's the children or spouse or better still your job. You have got so much tired by these little things that you are unable to see anything good now. The same old routines are pulling you down every single day of your life. You go to bed completely tired after an arduous day and you put in so much inside. You can never get even a little word of appreciation ever. You slog day in and day out and no one seems to notice it. Neither your spouse nor your children can see your worth and you can say with confidence that you have the worst boss in the whole wide world. You become the greatest MARTYR and since you love to be one we shall give you that MARTYRDOM! 

Money is your greatest enemy and you never seem to find any. You are running short of it always. You have never learnt how to manage money and no one can trust you with it. You always found it inappropriate to ask anyone for money and the one thing that you know which runs businesses and life is money alone. With your inadequacies for touching anyone for that you know for sure that you are the most unlikely person who can make it. You are ASHAMED AT ASKING anything from anyone in life. I believe Jesus once said that if you ask you shall be given. But you know you can never ask anyone. It is below your dignity and status to do anything like that. 

REJECTIONS are your bane. Yes, you have never been able to get over any kind of rejection in your life. You feel humiliated and small when someone rejects you. Your life crumples up and you can never see anything good again.  So when they sit you down and tell you how great you are and pep you up, you brighten up. But later on when you are questioned about the possibilities you don't seem to find any. You start your sentences with negatives and don't see any opportunities in that thing. Then these motivators get upset over your inability and deride you. You finally end getting up from there with the lines like these- "You always find faults with me. You never encourage me. Always put me down. So how do you expect me to do anything at all? I am good where I am and I don't wish to do anything more than what I am able to do. So don't teach me. I CAN'T DO IT!" 
Now the next one is still more trickier than the previous one. When someone tells you something and explains you that, your mind immediately tells you this- "I KNEW IT. I WAS JUST GOING TO TELL YOU ABOUT IT." Now tell me, why couldn't you say it before? Was something or someone stopping you from saying so? Then why couldn't you just say it? 

Last but not the least is another great sentence from the ones who sit on their fat asses and never ever get going in life. That sentence is- "I DON'T KNOW HOW ITS DONE!"  But have you not done the same thing before for someone else? Your employer or your kids or even your spouse or friends! You have shown such high amount of energy and zeal to get the whole thing moving for them. So why not for yourself? When it comes to your own self you are lost. But can't you see it's just the repetition of the same stuff and nothing new. Just go and excel yourself over there. Don't get into a stupor or inertia. You did it before so do it once again. But now for yourself only. 



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