Good Morning God

7:50:00 PMKrishna Rao

Good morning, God. How are you today? 

Look who is here! It has been a long time since I had seen you. Hope all is well. 

Sure. Everything is fine. I still don't believe in you so don't get any ideas. 

So then haven't you taken a wrong turn today? Maybe your car wanted to visit me. Tell me what can I do for you? 

I haven't come here to ask for myself. I can take care of myself. I came here to ask for my husband. 

He can come on his own, can't he? 

Yes. He can. But you know him, don't you? He has very little brains in such matters. He cares too much for all of us. 

Yes. I tell him all the time that he needs to become selfish and ask for anything at all for himself. But he refuses. He always says that when my kids and wife are happy, then I don't need anything at all. 

Yes. That's why I came to you. I want him to get a very high paying job in the valley. 

Aha! Why valley? Why not in New York or London? You know he can get good offers there. 

Yes. Exactly the point. I know he won't be happy there. So I would like him to get a job in the Silicon Valley. 

Tell me why? Why Silicon Valley? Why not somewhere else? 

My brother is settled there and he has offered me a job in his firm. He told me that he could arrange for my kids education there too. It will be a cake walk. So if he gets one.... 

Now we are talking. 

There are lots of opportunities there and my husband fits into them quite well. 

You have an offer and can be with your sibling. Isn't it being a little selfish on your part? 

God! Didn't I tell you that it is all for my husband only. Am I asking anything for myself? If he gets a good job where I am, won't he be happy? 

Yes, I get it. You want his happiness so you want him to shift where his whole family is getting settled. That is in the Silicon Valley. Sure. 

You are very smart. I know you love him so you will give him that. He deserves it, you know! 

Yes. Yes. Let me see what I can do for him. Tell him to keep on applying. But there is one problem. 

What is that? 

I can't fix his salary. You know he has lived in a compromise with you, without caring for himself and he has never bothered to further his career prospects. I told him to take some additional degrees or do some courses but he always put his family first. So my problem is how to get him better remuneration. 

Is it all about the money then? Don't bother. I am already being offered much better so I can compensate for his loss. 

Won't that mean, you will earn more than him? 

Yes. It is better that way. Then I can tell him to look after the house and family much better. You know he is the homely type. If he gets lesser than me, he can't get his mother to stay with us. He gets stressed out when she comes to stay with us. 

Ah, ok! Maybe I shouldn't give him any job altogether. After all, you only need a servant to take care of your household and kids. 

Don't be silly, I don't need servants or maids. We are used to calling our parents over when we have such issues. They get to enjoy America and we get peace of mind. 

Ok. So let me see what I can do for him. Are you sure you don't want anything for yourself? 

Ok. If you insist on giving something to me then can you get me one of those self driving Google cars in the valley? 


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