Hello Human

4:49:00 PMKrishna Rao

Hello human, God here! Get up! 

Let me sleep....

Get up! I want to talk to you. 

I don't believe in you so go away. 

I can't just go away. You have to talk to me. 

If I don't believe in you, then why do you still pester me? You should stop bugging people who don't believe in you. So let me sleep now. 

Things and people you don't believe in will come in your dreams only. That's how it works. 

Ok. So what do you want from me now? 

Why did you stop writing those short humorous pieces? You should continue to write them. 

Why do you care about them, anyway they were satirical pieces and I always made fun of you in that! 

I loved reading them so don't stop now and keep on writing. 

What does it matter to you if I don't write? I am not feeling inspired now so I can't write. Maybe I got the writers block. Why do you care? 

If you write more than hundred then I promise you that I will publish it for you. 

Are you trying to bribe me, God? That's strange since you are all so powerful and can get me to do what you want me to do. But I know you can't since you don't exist. 

It's not like that. See, I can tell you to do something but I can't force you to do that! It's not free will then. You should be able to decide what is right for you and I can't interfere in it. 

But you know that it could be a mistake or something. After all we are human beings who are prone to committing mistakes all the time. 

You catch on soon. Now you know how I deflect the onus on to you. Every time man decides on something, with his own ego then I am not concerned and the sins are his own. I am not involved in the decision making process there. 

I thought only humans love to blame others but here I see you are the Master of it all. 

Yes. You got it right. After you wake up from your sleep and write the essay down, you will take the credit for it. You will forget about me and believe that you alone are the doer. 

Sure. But don't forget that promise you made to me. Get my book published. Please! 

Ok. Now get up and start writing. Then you can say that sometimes dreams come true. 


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