I Hate This Job!

7:03:00 PMKrishna Rao

God, I hate this job. 

You are back here again? I thought you got a great job! So what happened now? 

Of course! It all started going down the moment I asked him for some extra days leave during the shut down. 

You had a shut down? I thought your company was doing fine. 

That's only for five days. See, they have to flush clean the toilets once the whole aircraft passengers go to the loo! The hostesses and pilots have to use them too! 

What are you talking about, dude? Where is the aircraft?  

Listen God! I can't take it anymore. I don't understand which idiot appointed these jerks as bosses. 
Sorry! Sorry! I forgot it was you. 

So, what seems to be your problem now? 

Look here, today I requested this guy to give me an additional week off during the shut down and he asks me how many days of my leave were balance. 

And? I am sure you exhausted it at the beginning of the year! 

Right! I didn't have any leave balance. So when I told him that he could tell someone else to cover for me, he refused! 

But why would anyone cover for you? 

Why are you asking such questions? You know damn well, I can't ask anyone else to stand in for me! He can request others.  

But why? 

Ha! I am the most detestable guy around according to the whole team. I am unmarried, that's why! Got it! 

No. What difference does it make if you are unmarried? 

Sure, it makes a big difference. They are all jealous of me. They all want me to get married then they can have the last laugh. I won't be able to go on solo holidays, see? Now being alone I have a great life according to all these folks. 

Now I get it. Good heavens! These guys have a dicey mind. 

You know them, after all you gave them their dicey mind. 

Ok, so now what do you want me to do?

I need an additional leave so please make it in such a way that I can get it and no one can object. Please, please!!!

Sure, can I give you Ebola? 


Just kidding man! I will just give you some silly viral and running nose, so they will not want you in office then. 

God! You are such a darling. Thank you. 


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