Who Is Krsnaknows?

8:28:00 PMKrishna Rao

Who is Krsnaknows? 
Every time I am asked what is this Krsnaknows or who he is, I have given a vague answer. So this time I am going to give you'll a brief understanding who this Krsnaknows is. 
Many years ago, somewhere during 2001, I was asking myself who this entity could be? After the spiritual dawning from this body frame, I woke up to a new world on 4th March 2001. It was tough trying to get used to a new body. To know who the body was associated with was easy since the database existed inside the being. 
It was just like exploring a hard drive from the earlier user. He had stored everything meticulously since he was very particular about everything. There were files and files of data which could give instant access to every little information. So carrying on activities like the earlier entity was very easy. The tough part was managing the emotions. The new one being completely emotionless or detached, it became terribly difficult to manage day to day affairs. There were demands and desires which were to be met and it became a terrible chore to fulfill so many. 
Anyway to continue the story, the new entity needed to have a name. He couldn't be called a Baba since all Babaji's are austere beings. Very pure and godly. Could he be called some Swamiji? Now all swamijis have peculiar following and path, whereas this one is a rebel. No way of conforming to any particular one, he was an unborn drifter. 
Having visited a whole load of Babaji's, Yogijis and Swamijis, I knew their lifestyle couldn't be emulated by this entity. Following any set path also was not feasible since the agenda of this beings Kaya Pravesh or body entering was totally different. This knowledge wasn't available till late 2007. 
2001 to 2005 was a drifters heaven since there was no particular path to be followed and everything seemed so vague and distant. Visiting various ashrams and yogis was the only way out. Too many Babaji's and Swamijis followed but no one could give any specific answers. Buddhist to Hindu, Islamic to Christian religious beliefs couldn't break the flow of incessant information which flowed from this new entity. 
There was no way of knowing how knowing-something happened! Knowledge was on tap and flowing in a deluge. The source seemed vague since the Gomukh or the mouth of this wish yielding cow couldn't be seen. Then one day in 2005 the first revelation happened. ParamGuru Dattatreya gave His first answer that there is a source and that its Him. The detailed story cannot be given here but suffice to know the revelation happened that Guru Dattatreya's Grace flowed from this body. 
Lest the individual becomes complacent, the push kept on happening and sadhana continued. Now the next question was very tough to understand. Who is this entity? What has taken over this old decrepit flesh and bones? 
2006 was the epoch for that knowledge. While explaining the tough text Tripurarahasyam to one of the disciples, the revelation happened. Guru Dattatreya said that He had taught the same text to this entity earlier. The person to whom the text was revealed is called Bhargava or the son of Brigumuni. He is better known as Parshurama. 
Then again while doing the Guru Charitra it was again revealed that the knowledge was passed on to my descendants of the Yadus by Guru Dattatreya. That threw a different light on the same. 
Later two disciples came up with trance revelations with information meant for the entity. Lord Sri Krishna had said some words to Krsna and it was completely changing the scenario then. Who is Krsna and where does He come from? 
Another lengthy seeking of information followed and some more revelations later the firming up started happening. The source was undoubtedly the Supreme Divine Person from the second divine unmanifest as mentioned in the Srimad Bhagvad Gita. 
I was getting more and more troubled to know who this One could be. Late 2006, the revelations were complete. This One has no name. 
So what would you call someone with no name? 
Only God knows what or who He could be. That's it then. Only God knows Him. 
God knows. You got it. 
Since His name was called out as Krsna, the name only Krsna Knows was perfect. Only Krsna knows who He is. Only Krsna knew the One. 
The name was adopted as Krsnaknows and since that time this One is called Krsnaknows. 
Only Krsnaknows the truth. 
Those who identify him with the body call him Suresh. Some call him Suresh Guru. Some address him as Guru, some other as G! Some call Him Krsna, others Krsna Guru. 
Whatever may be the name only Krsnaknows the truth. 


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