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3:08:00 PMKrishna Rao

God, why does she get more than me? She has already left you and gone. She hates you God! 

Aha! Now look who is talking here! Haven't you got everything you need? 

But she gets more than she needs. 

What she gets is as per her karma. You too get as per yours. 

But she gets more than needed. Why are you favorable to her when she has insulted you and gone? 

She gets as per her karma. Just know that and bother about your own weal rather than hers! 

But you have to tell me why this special favoritism to her? You know damn well she has spoken ill about you. 

Mind your tongue young lady. You know you are stepping into a mine field here. You should only bother about your own self and not look in others backyard. 

But I need an explanation for this atrocities you commit. 

Wow! What accusations? You love to accuse me and call me names. 

When did I call you names? I haven't said anything at all. I just asked you a simple question. 

That's blatant lies. You accused me of favoritism right now and yet you deny it? How convenient! 

No! I never meant to say that. What am I to do? My tongue slipped. Sorry! 

Your thousands of sorries have no value. You forget in a moment and go back to your old ways. How about me slipping in saving your ass and then saying sorry to you? 

I am really sorry. But you got to tell me the answer. 

Ah! You will never change and I am a sucker for con girls like you. Anyway, ask away! 

You told me once that you grant her everything and now you talk about karma. Why this dichotomy? 

Not at all. Everything happens as per their karmas. You surely know that. I cannot change anything there. All have to go through theirs in any circumstances. 

I know that. But don't you offer her special treatment? 

Yes, I do. I do for everyone. Not only her. For you too! 

What do you mean? She gets more than me. I can see the favoritism there. 

I favor all those who beg from me. It's called fulfillment of desires. Everyone begs from me, you do too! 
I sanction all of it. Some in this life, sometimes in some other and so on. But I do give everyone. 

So even mine gets sanctioned? But how come I don't see my gifts? Hers are visible and blatantly superfluous. 

Jealousy! You are one big jealous girl. Back to the story. I sanction everyone. But for some unfortunate ones the fruits are enjoyed in this life. But it converts into future karma or agami! 

There! I told you, that you are very partial. 

Not at all. I save your ass by putting you under my devotee umbrella. 

You mean to say that she isn't under your protection? Sounds like Godfather! What a joke! 

Yes! She lost my protection the day she disowned me. So whatever I sanction, she has to suffer the consequences. 

There are consequences for even asking stupid stuff? How is that possible? 

There are karmas associated with every action. Take the case of the tops you wear. You asked me for them. Right? 

Yes! I did. But how can a top accrue karma for me? 

You have heard that these are made in sweatshops across third world countries. Isn't that called exploitation? 

But I haven't exploited these people! Why should I suffer for someone else? 

You are wearing them. Don't you think, if people stop buying fur then animals will not be killed? So you help in exploitation. 

Oho! That's why you tell us to go natural and healthy living. Authenticated stuff which are not made by slave traders will help one accrue less karma. Got it! 

Yes. You cannot see the entire picture because you are focused only in your desires. These eat away the time to do some social good in this world. 

But I do care for others. Only not for her since she has been a bad person and has continually foul mouthed you, God. I do love you and you know that. 

Listen, every human being is a slave to their desires. They keep on demanding and begging from me. I keep on giving, either in this life or next. But then it comes under the domain of their karma, hence they all have to pay for it. Only in a few stray cases I sanction but I protect them from falling into the trap of karma only because they are my dearest devotees. 

I am your highest devotee and so you protect me from the evils of karma. Thank you God. 

Yes! I also try to minimize your karma by sometimes not giving you stuff that could harm you. Hence, you feel you have got less. Those who get everything they want don't realize how big a karmik debt they are going under. So stay out of this demand space and be happy. 

Got that. I will not ask too much. Only grant me that which I need absolutely. Thank you, God. 

The more a person asks, the further they go away from me. Theirs is only a transactional relationship with me. They do not serve my purpose and hence they are ruled by destiny. Once they fall under the trap of destiny I am no longer close to them. They keep on falling under the cycle of death and birth. Hope you understand that. You, my friend on the contrary are eternally free from the cycle of birth and death. 

Yes. I am your favorite and you care for me. I love you, God. 


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