Man Never Learns

1:57:00 AMKrishna Rao

Man never learns from his mistakes! Why does a man commit sin even after he knows that it is wrong? Can you explain, God? 

The thrill and escape is too good for man, so he commits sin. 

I don't think that's what I wanted to do. But I feel I needed to prove something to myself that I went and did that. 

What have you done that you term it as a sin? Can you tell me? 

Yes. I slept with this guy from my office. 

But that's expected of most people. When two people meet at a place and an opportunity appears, man indulges in it. Why would you call it wrong? 

Don't you think it is morally wrong? You are God almighty and you don't think that it is a sin to do that! How strange! 

I never said that. I wouldn't call it giving my approval. I just said that it is but natural for two people to indulge in it. 

But you are not condemning it at all. On the contrary you are saying it is but natural. 

Yes. When a bitch is in heat, don't you see many dogs run after her? Isn't it natural? 

You are calling me a bitch? That's being mean. 

No. I am trying to tell you that in animal kingdom, that's what happens. 

But it is sin according to you, isn't it? 

Sure. It is sin. So is not telling the truth or hiding food from a gluttonous person. Sin is a much abused word. Let's call it karma. 

Isn't karma and sin two different things? I always thought the Buddhists talk about karma. In our western world we talk about sin. 

Yes. You talk about a single life and they talk about rebirths. 

So who is right then? They or us? 

Both are right from their individual point of view. 

How can both be right? Either there is one single birth or many. Both can't be right. 

Oh that's simple. You look at it from body perspective and the Buddhist look at it from soul perspective. Soul is never born and never dies. It is eternal. 

You gotta answer my question- why do people commit sin when they know what they are doing is wrong? 

Let us see here. A man who is used to drinking will do so when a bottle is kept in front of him. But a teetotaler won't even look at that bottle. Now someone who hasn't drunk before can be coaxed into drinking. He does so out of curiosity and dare. 

That doesn't explain why man falls down. 

Oh! Man trains his own mind from the start of his life. Mind learns all the tricks from that individual. 

How can mind learn from man? 

Mind is like a dog. The man can train the dog, can't he? He brings a puppy and teaches him to do stuff like jumping, eating a particular stuff, fetching paper, catching the frisbee and all that. 

True. Man can train the dog. There are too many dog shows around. 

Yes. Now if the dog doesn't get trained then will he bark at his master also or not?

That's stupid. The dog cannot become enemy of his own master. 

In the same way, the mind is a friend of the individual and once he trains the mind, it can do anything for his master. But if he allows it to rob things or run away sneakily then the individual will be in trouble. 

Aha! You are saying that if we could train our minds well from the start, we could get better results. So that's why discipline is necessary in life. 

Yes. You have to discipline yourself and train your mind to do what you want. Like studies or games. You become great only if you know how to get your mind to do what you want. 

Then man will never do the dirty. Then he will have control over karma also. 

Again to train the mind, you need to be in the company of right people. Bad influencers can destroy a person. Imagine having friends who smoke or drink. Then mind learns from the senses and environment too including you. 

Now I get it. So if I put my son in a good school he will get to learn good stuff and with good students he too will become good. Peer pressure, they call it!

Good! Now that you understand all this why would you want to sleep with that office guy? You haven't lost your mojo. Get a life and train your mind! 


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