Older Population

7:01:00 PMKrishna Rao

What will happen to countries where the population is getting older by the day, God? 

Oh, they will continue the way the whole world continues. 

You mean to say they will go extinct? 

Don't be silly. The next generation will ensure that the old people move to some other place and newer generation will start there. 

You mean cities like Bangalore which were once called pensioners paradise has only younger people now. 

You are right. The information technology revolution came along and only the younger generation could react to it. 

Yes. All the young graduates and professionals moved to Bangalore and made it the happenings city. But, God, what happened to the older generation? 

You see, the universe reacts to these issues in a very strange manner. Do you remember how criminals were shunted to down under? 

Yes. I know about it. I think it is just like the exiled people from Siberia too. The universe finds its ways, I guess. 

Now you know how humans are exploring other planets and space? 

Yes. There are scientists who are plotting colonization of outer space. People are pouring money and trying to see how they can sustain in no atmosphere. 

The ISS or International Space Station is doing wonders and so are private organizations, to get people to move there. 

Then what happens to marriage and humans? 

What do you mean? Women and men not willing to marry and have children? 

Yes. Today, hardly a few want to get married. And even if they do, their priorities are different like career, travel, companionship and so on but not to have kids. 

You are right. The couples today don't want to go through child birth. Especially the women because they suffer the most before, during and after the pregnancy. 

The pain of child birth starts with conception to end at delivery. The process itself is so painful and nerve wracking. 

True. It's the problem of conception first. Most people find it difficult to conceive and then to retain the baby. The doctor visits, morning sickness, so many restrictions and diets, booking beds for delivery, doulas, blood tests......

If you continue further the women won't agree to birthing. I know what happens after child birth which hardly anyone discusses. It's truly harrowing.

You are right, childbirth and children are a big responsibility and hardly anyone wants to take it now. There are too many other things to focus on now. Career, pleasure, money and what not.  

Then what is going to happen now, God? 

Surrogacy and artificial birthing will be the norm. You could tailor make your own babies. You could father or mother a child by only giving your DNA. 

Ah, then sex will be only for pleasure. That's terrible. 

Why do you say so? I designed sexual intercourse for the purpose of creation but now the time has come to replace the system. 

So what will it be now? 

Wait and see! It isn't necessary to know that right now. You run along. 


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