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Don't Feel Like Talking Anymore

8:36:00 PMKrishna Rao

Go away! I don't feel like talking anymore to you, God! Why wouldn't you come to me all these days, man? What use is it to me? I didn't want to talk to you, God! There is nothing to speak about. You could have just come and had a casual chat. I didn't feel like it. I don't want to talk to you. Why wouldn't you want to talk to me? Have I not been your good friend all the time? Yes, of course! But sometimes we stay away from even our best friends. Maybe I was busy, have you considered that? I know every schedule of yours. So don't bs me about your daily activities. Okay! Then let me tell you why I didn't want to come to you. Now, tell me the truth and give it to me straight. I didn't want to meet you because I didn't see what use is it. Also, I can only think of you in times of troubles and difficult situations. See, that's the truth. I know there is nothing at the moment bothering you except your office work. That's not true. I have my petty issues but not so big that I would like to trouble you. There you go. You can surely come to me with whatever little or big troubles you have. I think that could be just the reason to meet. No, I don't think so. You already have so many people thronging at your doorstep with very tough issues, so I don't think it is important to burden you with my silly stuff. That's true. Everyone comes to me with their problems. Sometimes they aren't aware that they are too petty for me to look into. Now you are speaking my tongue. Of course, why should these silly people dump their silly stuff on you? Can you tell me how to understand what is silly and what isn't? Sure. You have been given a fantastic mind and intellect and by using these wonderful tools you can solve your issues. That means anything which has a solution by logical means we can take care of it by ourselves, right? Absolutely. Then there are some issues which are beyond the purview of your mind and intelligence so bring them to me. But you should tell me how does one classify the two? See, there are some dim bulbs who cannot solve their issues, what would you suggest of these kind of people? For them there are the universal laws in effect. They should try every other type of solution that they can think of and then when they have exhausted their tries, they can approach me. Can you give me some examples? Someone who has tried all therapies and medical solutions for children or cancer or any other afflictions can then turn towards me. Why should man try? Why can he not solely depend on you? If I have given him the tools to fend for himself, shouldn't he use them first? Ah, you mean the body, mind and intellect? Yes, they should attempt with these tools to solve such issues. It's the same even in every other place. Corporate world, material, marriage, law, diseases, heartbreaks and other such spaces, man has to try his best first. After it has failed, he should turn towards you. I get it. Good. Now don't you forget to keep in touch otherwise too. Just a friendly chat. Not for dumping your stupid issues on me. Right. See you soon. Image Credit: Pixabay


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