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“What am I doing here? I always believed this professional job that I was doing so diligently was my grand dream.”
You have lost it, exited it, taken a break, opted out, resigned or just got thrown out! Now you are doing something which seems so easy and mundane to do yet there are no special likes, desires, goals to achieve or monetary or other benefits. You just got into the groove and started doing it.
Every human being searches for this thing lifelong. It’s not a dream or adrenalin pumping job or vocation.
It’s your true calling. You are born to do that. It’s never defined by ambition or other goals.
In Mythistical we help you identify that true reason for your birth. We call it Swadharma. Your path towards your goals on earth.
Come to us and we will identify that for you so that your life goals will be fulfilled. It’s a divine life with a divine calling.

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