Denying Evil Makes It Grow More!

6:19:00 PMKrishna Rao

The government is going to put restrictions on how much you can gamble and how many trips you can do to the casino! How funny, you may say! But look around and you will find there are things which need radicle change. Be it smoking, drinking, sex, drugs or gambling. 

Cigarettes are sold with warnings and horrible pictures on them. Liquor is sold with age restrictions and permits. Sex is to happen with condoms and other protections. Gambling can be controlled by restricting it the way described above. Drugs are smuggled so controlling borders would work.  
The easiest way is not to have cigarettes, drugs or liquor sold. Sex to be regulated and no gambling dens in the country. But if that's the way the economy runs you cannot ban it altogether. Restricting it does not help since those who have to indulge will do so either ways. Educating the public in forums helps a little like the other two methods. Then what is the solution? 
I had watched a Mel Brooks film wherein a patient says he always gets headaches so the fake doctor(Mel) whacks him on the legs. The patient gets pain in the legs and starts limping. Mel then tells the patient- See your headache is gone, now your leg hurts! Then the assistants come and grab Mel, since he has escaped from his room in the mental asylum to masquerade as a doc! Sometimes we assume pain like Asit Sen in the beautiful film, Anand! He has shifting pain. He is a hypochondriac. 
Now I gave you these stories to suggest that whichever ways you employ the scrouge will not leave! The addiction can only happen due to the proximity of such evils or due to evil company. The next is the provision of means to indulge in such addictions. Money and objects of indulgence. 
I still remember a young actor who was sent to a drug deaddiction centre in Mumbai would tell his friends to smuggle drugs through cracks in the windows, walls, etc. Many years later the same person is serving jail term and still hasn't changed at all. Now it's a different crime! 
These people get emboldened by multiple successes in life. Money and power play an important role for introducing such heinous behavior. 
So then there are no single approaches to problem solving. There have to be many methods from  using force, restricting, banning, educating or imposing fines. You can employ all of them or one! The results will show up in due time. 
Now lets understand some of the other causes. It might be genetic or environmental. You could be affected by either. There might be a gene which might trigger the addiction so we need to do genetic studies to find solutions there. The environment is controllable so there we could monitor the surroundings. 
In the world of spirituality we call all these issues as demons. To fight them we need the support of God. Prayers and guidance from holy men helps. The confession box is also a good help. Deaddiction centers run by missionaries or hospitals work magic on some. But there are others where nothing works. 
So in the end I can only say this much. It's the mind which can help a person or push a person towards doom. Control the mind and your solution will show up. 


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