Junk In The Mind And Utopia!

9:54:00 PMKrishna Rao

Mind space is very expensive. You have heard of people who carry the grudge all their life for someone. You have seen differences of opinion between siblings and then the bifurcation of properties too. You have seen your kid sister taking your toys and you getting mighty upset, willing to strangle her or beat her to a pulp. Now imagine all those petty things that have occupied your mind since childhood. 

Even the seat on the school bus to the bench or chair in the class caused a lot of burn. As you grew up you noticed the subtle differences in attitude or love of parents between siblings. Later in life when it translated into property shares, you boiled over. In your work place too, the bias followed. Your colleague seemed more pally with the boss so he got the higher grades and salary increases. You cribbed about how he brings groceries or dropped the bosses wife to the malls. 
As you grew up the little little skirmishes and wars appeared in your love life. You actually needed no reasons for the fights which took place. They were on silly stupid stuff. Maybe it's the gifts that you gave her best friend or some silly men's room joke you cracked which offended her. Your mind space was occupied with the messages, mails, chats, dates, gifts, sex and many other useless stuff. 
Then it was the job and again the preoccupation of the mind. Your boss and his uncouth behavior, his sexy secretary, your dumb colleagues, dumber downlines, worthless support functions, curtailed budgets, old outdated equipments, silly trips, etc. You seem to have been sidelined almost everytime a growth opportunity arose. Someone else took your credits and the greatest eternal grouse of less pay! You were literary married to work. 
At home first it was finding the right spouse and later children. I am sure you know how painful and troublesome is the householders life. There is never a respite from cooking, groceries, school, fees, savings, mortgages, car troubles, home repairs and utilities which suck! 
Then it was old age issues and superannuation benefits. Sicknesses and hospital visits. Finally the terminal issue called death! 
We haven't touched the environmental issues at all. Politics and wars, weather and security, green planet and pollution, transport and travel. Is there even a moment of break? 
God and places of worship, rituals and ceremonies, parties and nuptials, bar mitzvah and wakes, spiritual and religion! 
Fashion and personal coiffure, grooming industry and pets, vacations and official travels. 
We can never stop creating a newer list of mind occupying stuff. Can you imagine the junk we have collected? We have been in the habit since birth of recording and recallibratting our store of knowledge. Or should we call it junk or crappy stuff which will take you nowhere! Does the geography, history or any other subject change anything at all? 
We have crammed books and studied stuff which is worthless and that has taken too much of your mind space. Television and movies have added more to it. 
You can just feel exhausted reading all this up but imagine what your mind has gone through then of storing, analyzing and spouting it out too. 
Now this useless stuff needs to be shut up somewhere and your over active mind needs rest. Sleep can grant you that for a few hours but you need to find your peace of mind. Calming down and shutting it up. No thoughts or impulses to trouble you. 
Meditation seems to work for sometime but you get back to the disturbing mind sooner than you think. You need eternal peace and quiet. No disturbances! You wonder if there is some utopia like that in this world? 
There surely is such a place. We call it the Self. It's eternal and always lost in itself. Full of bliss and tranquility. Come, let's visit that place and become permanent fixtures there. Lets begin our journey now!  


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