Troubles And Problems Of The Mind!

10:22:00 PMKrishna Rao

Do you think that you are the only person in the whole wide world who has troubles and problems? Everyone has them and everybody thinks his problems are the biggest and toughest! No one can take their place and no one else can solve them. You are in constant tension and worry eats up your sleep and peace of mind! It seems that you are the truly marked one by God for unleashing His wrath! Just like Karishma Kapoor says looking at the skies, "Tum bure ho, bahut bure",to God in Dil To Pagal Hai, you too want to shout at God and say worst words than her. 

I know how much you are affected by the things going around you and it's but natural for you to feel singled out and terrible. There are no two ways about it that troubles buckle you down. Fate is a terrible thing which makes you suffer more and more every which way. 
Now look at it from the point of The Lord Himself. Whenever He had taken birth He too has taken on a lot of sufferings. Take the case of Jesus! He was put on the cross and had to suffer all His life. Even Buddha had to walk away from His Kingly palace. He too was troubled all His life. Imagine begging for food or living in the jungle by a King! Take the case of Shri Ram also. He had to go to aranya for 14 years with His Queen. She getting kidnapped and then the war also. Later having to let go of His wife. Now consider the case of other spiritual leaders also. They too were hounded and troubled beyond imagination. Made to suffer all their lives till the very end. 
Take Krsnas case also. He too had to suffer always. His birth in a jail, living amidst demons and death threats, love of His life ditching Him, giving up His kingdom, teaching a disciple who could never learn till the end, frustrating experiences in battlefield, running away from His palace to another location, fighting lots of wars, seeing His entire family and clan die in front of His eyes and His thousands of wives! Don't you think He too suffered? 
I have been often told that these are Gods and Super natural Beings so what makes you think they suffered? They were just play acting! 
Let me clear your doubts here. The moment anyone is born with a body, the suffering starts. Be it God Himself. He too has to undergo terrible pain and misery. Haven't you heard of Rams cries for Sita or Jesus feeling pain? Those who are born of flesh have to undergo sufferings. No one is spared here. 
But there are ways of circumventing it. These are by overcoming your mind alone. Every reaction is in the mind. By simply perfecting the art of mind control, you can overcome pain and misery! You can see the placebo effect and know how powerful is the method of controlling pain. Try sitting in padmasana for one hour and your legs ache or you get numb. But after constant practice, you can endure it. The minds power of overcoming pain or misery is very profound. 
The mind is like a wild horse and it needs to be tamed and trained to perform winning tasks. Some of the important means of doing that is to overcome desires which can make you susceptible to defeats. Greed and lust are some more things which need to be curtailed and overcome. Anger and avarice, likes and dislikes, wants and needs, opinions and advices and many more of such obstacles need to be overcome only with the power of that mind. 
It's important to keep it fit and healthy always. Give it the feed of happy thoughts and motivated knowledge. Always maintaining yourself in good health and rubbishing all de motivating actions and words. Keeping good company and constantly working towards improving yourself. Setting high bars and benchmarks. Working constantly in a vigorous and winning ways. 
There will be detractors and demotivators everywhere. Don't allow them to distract you from your single pointed goal of winning. Stay away from unscrupulous methods or associates. Be very clear in doing things the right and righteous way. Keep faith in your own ability and trust your skills to achieve goals. 
Lastly take the examples set by God Himself when He was born human. You put in your best efforts and know that God will assist you in victory just like Arjuna! He will hold the reins of your senses and mind and give you the right knowledge for victory. Just keep faith in Him and His vehicle. Your inner being and your body! It will drive you towards victory. 


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  1. That was a wonderful and inspiring post. Thanx for the write up and reminding us about the mind power.
    Great post!

  2. Thank you Kislaya Gopal for your comment. God bless.


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