Hungry For Food And Greed!

4:53:00 PMKrishna Rao

I saw somewhere people are looking for satiating the hunger, so they are looking at grasshopper as food! Now this world is full of edible stuff and even the long legged creature could be one such type. 

I believe over one billion people are going hungry so we need to give them good diet. Just a few days ago I wrote on how people in Darfur survive in less than £1 per week. Assuming that we need to feed one billion, we require £1 billion per week which translates into £52 billion per annum. Even if we were to assume the cost of feeding these hungry mouths at £7 per week, we will end up at less than $1 trillion per annum. 
Hypothetically we can take $100 from the haves to give it to the havenots per annum. That seems simple equation but in our material world it isn't. The cost of generating that amount would be double or triple that. That means for generating charity we will first have to look at filling our own to give to others! These funny guys who collect would be giving themselves first. Let the world go hungry, who cares. Let us first have our fills. We need salaries and administrative expenses and don't you forget we spent on social marketing also. You need volunteers who need certificates to prove to their schools that they have done social service. The certificates cost money, you see. Their recruiting costs, maintainance, transport, shipping, procurement, office stationary, laundry, public relations like we have to give them T-shirts with our logo, etc. Now you add up all that. 
I am sure you will agree it will cost not triple but tens of times of money to feed the hungry! 
That is only one cause, what about clothing the naked souls? Saving trees or shall we say the ecology? You should never call it a farce since they are actually trying to save the world. Not like the beauty queens. They are truly helping God in saving the world. I always thought God is all powerful and can do whatever he wants. He could save His own creation, then why is He asking these people for help? Surely, He doesn't want these folks to interfere in His scheme of things. But these Samaritans insist on helping. Now what is He to do but to keep the worlds people hungry. One for food and the rest for greed! Now share your views with us here.


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