The Aliens Have Landed...

4:40:00 AMKrishna Rao

The Aliens have landed on earth and Americans are fighting them with the sole intention of saving the world. Their weapons are outdated and they are outnumbered too. The aliens are all so weird and villainous. They are mean and have really cool space ships whereas we have junkyard collections. Their commanders are heinous and talk omg English. They are always knowing the seat of power is Washington D C and the Americans have to save their President. They will save their President and the world and also win an Oscar for which they had already written acceptance speech. This is Hollywood. 

Now you tell me when did the aliens actually come? Which year would that be? I believe the meteor crashed and wiped out the dinosaurs but there were no aliens! They never built the pyramids or search for the elusive city of gold. Do the cave paintings show us their faces? When were the people kidnapped by aliens? 
We believe in all these films and serials. Now you give me a good reason why the Chinese, Greek or Hindu Gods cannot be believed in? They have celestial weapons and have mind control. Their enemies are also very powerful and have super weapons too. These Gods also save humanity and the king too. 
Our children play with the franchise toys and fight mock wars too. The Gods have weapons which may look very obsolete but mind you they pack a punch too. The Gods can change course of rivers and make thunder and lightening. Now why can we not believe in them? 
Do you really believe in all these stories or are you doubting their veracity? Is that the reason you stopped your children from praying to them? The truth is you too only approach the Gods in temples when you are in desperate need and know for sure there are no answers in your material world! Now you are sure that strange religions like Zen or Sufi have some spiritual effect on you but when it comes to fulfilling your desperate need you prefer your weird unbelievable family Gods. The return on investment is good on your local Gods but for your peace and calm you need to turn to New Age religions! Buddha is great for meditation and for charity Jesus is cool! 
Now tell me why the guys who fight aliens don't approach their valiant Gods instead? I still am worried about the white light from my iPhone which shines suddenly at night. I am getting messages from distant galaxies I think! 
Now a note on Gods. They don't stay in some faraway galaxy. They are not evil. There is no need for us to do space travel to meet them. You can meet them here and now and the only space ship to travel is your own body. You zoom on to them by means of one sophisticated instrument called mind and use the guidance system called intellect. The aliens to conquer are anger, greed, vices, etc and you can fight them with your power of concentration and discipline of practice. Now go get them Commander! Visit us on our planet also if you have the time. Its called krsnaknows!


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  1. mystical read .. not fictional .. yet was in your world !! nice one


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