Looks Can Be Deceptive

4:33:00 PMKrishna Rao

Looks can be very deceptive and you can make false judgements based on them. Have a look at all the sexual offenders in recent times and you will be amazed at how innocent they seem! Now think at your own deception. You have been called a conniving, deceitful and vengeful person or a kind, compassionate and doddering old fool. You really wonder which of these aptly apply to you. 

On your facial front you have brown catty eyes with a wicked glint and square jaws and on the other there is the white border around these same eyes which talks of a wizened old person. 
So looks are deceptive and every human being is judgmental.  Why are we always judging people around us by their looks? 
That's because we have made prototypes and slotted people in our minds. Three things contribute towards this mismatch. First is what we have learnt from past with bookish knowledge and teachers wisdom being passed down to us. Second is the pressures of the environment on us. We have seen people based entirely on situations arising in our lives. Situations like when you asked for money and they refused you. Third is the subconscious data that we gather about every person which we sometimes term as gut feel or intuition. So based on these three parameters we always make judgements on everyone. 
Our mothers are great people but why does the daughter in law feel she is an ogre? We are cautious people and never talk to strangers so we don't want to get involved around us. We don't know our neighbors too. The only people whom we interact with are our office colleague or the guy from checking counter at the supermarket. Our acquaintances are few and these only fall in place at their individual locations. Suppose we find the same butcher shop person at the church, we raise our eyebrows." I see you are here. Are you a Roman Catholic?" You have always wondered if he was an Arab! Now that guy has been staying in your country since birth and you thought because of his looks as an Arab. 
We are always judgmental and decide for ourselves that religions are bigoted. Zen is some religion based on meditation or koans. Buddhism is ruled by the Dalai Lama who has been living in exile. Hinduism is based on millions of funny gods and yoga, Chinese have no gods since they are communists! Now aren't you being very judgmental. None of the above is true and absolutely perfect definition about these religions. Remember you are judgmental and have derived your own conclusions based on your wrong beliefs. 
Before you decide on anything have you got the right perspective about them by factual information and investigation? Then stop being judgmental and don't decide on someone's fate even before you have started the conversation. 
Here I want to tell all those who have read this so far that you don't have to slot everyone. Stop yourself doing that. There is good in everyone and there is God in everyone too! Give that One a chance before you close your mind. Don't make judgements about the book by its cover. So ask us about ourselves before you judge us. You can ask krsnaknows and he will answer you. You can check us up on www.krsnaknows.com. 


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