Junk DNA Or Useful Life?

4:27:00 PMKrishna Rao

Today I realized how flimsy the human relationships are. An old man sat next to me in the bus and asked me my age telling me how wonderful my white hair looks for 50 something. Then he proceeded to take out a Christian propaganda literature on old age and Jesus. I listened to his prattle and then he told me his age. 80+! I was amused at the vigor and strength that he displayed. He then targeted another person on the bus and moved on. 

People do not talk to each other in public transport or any other place here is Singapore. They are focused in their own spaces. Mostly playing games on their cellphones. 
The taxi drivers are almost grandfathers and the MRT is filled with 20 somethings with their gadgets. Mostly women! I often showed my  co-travelers the ratio of women to men in any public space is 70:30. 
On Mother's Day I saw a whole host of people buying roses, etc. for their mothers. Maybe on Father's Day they buy booze! I don't know. But I realized how lonely the world has become today. No one bothers about another unless there is some celebratory occasion like Mother's Day. A once in a while visit to the ancients home is a norm. No one cares for another unless they have some desperate needs. Take the case of married couples who bring back their mothers with the sole purpose of taking care of their kid. 
I am not condemning the ritual since it was prevalent even in ancient times. I am only bringing to your notice that human relationships are only need based. Once the need is over these become as redundant as our schools and colleges when we move towards our worldly careers. Once in a while we visit them for nostalgia. How painful it is to take out time for even such visits! 
Now we have come to this world and as we get attached to other relatives like our wife's or business partners or colleagues, we forget our old relationships. At old age we get engrossed in the television or our old age home buddies. Again we loose sight of the world. Our relationships are all so transactional including the one with God. 
We visit the place of worship only when we are in some trouble. Or when we need to do some ritual that we had promised. Or for some deadly issues like cancer or death of a dear one. Also for thanksgiving. Relationship with God is purely transactional. No one gives a damn. 
The truth about life is not understood by anyone. You are a small organism in this world which is subsisting because of a greater plan at work. You are not like the thousands of redundant DNA which do not seem to have any known function in the human genome. These are junk DNA's! You can either make your mark in this universe by being a part of the whole with proper usage or can live just like the junk DNA. 
This is where your swadharma comes into the picture. Your true calling, your place in the universe, your position wrt society and creation. 
Now I will ask you the question since you had the patience to read so much. Do you know your swadharma or are you a junk DNA? To read more articles visit us at www.krsnaknows.com about your true calling or swadharma! 


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