Vanprastashram Follows Grihastashram!

12:39:00 AMKrishna Rao

I was seeing a Ted Talk and the lady spoke of getting into marriage for the purpose of companionship and security in later half of life. To find a life mate who understands you, bears children, rears them, provides a home and so on! 

In India right from ancient times, the sages knew all that was hogwash. There is no such thing as happily married ever after. They spoke of four stages in every human being. The first is childhood and youth, next is householder, next is going to the jungle or vanprastashram and lastly it was sanyasashram. A person follows the first two properly. The third is impossible to follow because the lure of body and maya is extremely strong. The man is trapped in the jungle of attachments and unsatiated desires. He always is running after his puny desires. Be it sex, health, money, wealth, family, kids, career and what not! 
Just look at the cases presented everyday in the news. The man confined 3 women for so many years, an old politician talks of sex with multiple young females, a bankers nemesis was a woman. And what about a great President? Yesterday I wrote about kids who never care for their parents and vice versa. A brother and sister have sued for property. There are prenups. The system called marriage is in disarray. The relationships are skewed. Gay right issues rule the question hour in parliaments. Massage parlours and prostitution dens are thriving in the name of spas! Computers and cellphones occupy more time than marriage. Three or more marriages cannot even give you the true taste of love. Divorces are expensive and the lawyers are making more money. More marriages means more expenses. First it's the wedding consultants or planners. Get the picture? More marriage means provisions for alimony! Every child from every marriage has less connectivity with parents. 
Now can you tell me where that companionship and old age security vanished? 
Coming back to the speaker again. She is a shrink who makes money by giving advice. The more the sessions the richer she becomes. Who gives a shit what you do in your marriage? 
There are those who will say they don't believe this is true since they are happily married. Just you wait Mr. Higgins! Just you wait. 
Countries like India are following and aping the west. Soon we too shall have prenups, lawyers earning out of your marriages and divorces, wedding planners and crashers, bankers, insurance players, multiple foster homes, children who have no idea whom to call dad or mom, lgbt issues, etc. 
So now tell me doesn't our age old scheme of vanprastashram sound exciting. Sure, you may to be too young for that so enjoy your bodily and other pleasures for now. I am waiting for your papers to file. 
Now for the punch line. Remember our ancient spiritual knowledge says that nothing is permanent so believe in it. Ok, don't! You still need to get hurt dude to understand the truth? So nothing is permanent and only the truth is! You got time to find it and so these old foggies gave that concept of vanprastashram. Once you are ready, my dooth or cronies will come to take you there. Till then have a blast. 


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