Krsnakali & Women's Empowerment

6:00:00 PMKrishna Rao

Empowerment of women is the buzzword and even Christian Amanpour is writing about it. She says that woman need to be empowered with education. I agree with her. 

We have seen so much of oppression and tyranny on women that today it has become the need of the hour. It's said that women make better parent, hard working and extremely compassionate. 
Here I disagree on some things. 
Let me tell you how the world will stack up once women become empowered. There is no need for a woman to have a man next to her for anything. Not even sex or providing the sperm for children. She has help for doing all kinds of physical activities like hard labor also. So why would she want to have children on her own? She can have surrogates. Men only for sexual gratification will be made available so there is no need for a firm commitment in life called marriage. She will become just like man. Given to all kinds of pleasures and pastimes. The extreme competitiveness will also come about. She will consider all her kind who are rising in their career as direct competition. Her craving for name and fame will grow so she will be willing to do anything for that. Don't you see the leaders of our current breed who are hungry for power and fame? They can do anything for success. On the other side some will be samaritans and great women. They will follow all the good things the great books talk about. These will be female Gandhi and Martin Luther King. Just like the past there will be good and evil coexisting in this world. They will have their own ways of pleasure seeking activities. Bars and golf, games and spas, power and deprivation, mighty over weak, bribery and power plays, associations and funds, great writers and pulp writers, great media creators and pornographic creators, glories and gories. Every kind of woman will be around. 
Woman will no way be different than a man. I saw some scenes a few years ago which I will relate. A high rising banker woman was willing to climb on anyone's head to reach the top, willing to sacrifice another of her ilk. Another rose higher in her career by falsehood and treachery. Laws get created to empower the weak which get exploited. Take the case of one company appointing a woman and then the others follow suit. They have to prove that their organization is not discriminatory. Just like promotion of lower class or deprived kind. The law becomes an ass. 
Now that I gave you how the world is going to shape up, my request to all women is don't become a man. Be kind hearted, hard working, good leaders, great politicians, not corrupt or lazy, compassionate, great motherly kind, not vindictive, sufficient ego to rise in life not a bloated kind. Overall that would truly be the right or perfect kind. Not imperfect.
 Sigh! But that not how this world is going to shape out. With power comes its other components. With use comes misuses. With man comes woman. The two opposites exist. 
But will you make that difference. Don't imitate that man and start another Mahabharata. The woman kind! Then another woman Krsna has to rise. His name is Krsnakali in this ensuing period and later when evil rises to the peak, it will be time of Kali. The rise of the Dark Night. 


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