Gods Obstacle Course!

8:45:00 AMKrishna Rao

Every human being feels its a touch and go situation in life. They all agree their case was the toughest and highly unlikely. 

Remember you still say that you have gone through toughest times and no other has any idea how difficult it was. The result was so much in their grasp and everything was going as per the plan and then something happened. The obstacles suddenly appeared from nowhere. Then your goal was far from achieved. No one could achieve that which you did. You fought against all odds and finally got it. 
Your main grouse against God is-why does He make it so difficult for you? He always keeps the toughest tests for you. All others get it so easily. There is always a slip between the cup and the lip. Then you work your ass off to get back and you DO! 
You always agree that He takes care of you and you finally get the deal. His benevolence is great and He always bestows you with victory. 
Now I ask you if you consider Him to be your Father then why would He put more obstacles in your way? You say that He tests you to make you more stronger and tougher! Take a look at yourself. Do you look like a person who can withstand any adversity? You always considered yourself a weakling. There is no chance you could get through such a situation. But you did! 
It's by His grace alone. His plan had those obstacles embedded in it. You were supposed to face it and come out victorious. When you have an edge of a seat thriller you enjoy it more. You love all those unbelievable Star Wars, Ice Age, The Bourne series, Ang Bak, etc. now tell me how you sat through Gatsby? 
Love your life and go through it like a knife through butter. Enjoy every so called big obstacles. Make you life worth every breath. Live life King Size! 


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