Fear Of Failures And Destiny!

4:38:00 PMKrishna Rao

We all suffer from fear of failures. Even before you have tried you believe you will fail and not able to face people after that. But you have made judgements even before you have attempted? Isn't it strange that you are preempting destiny? 

This uncalled for presumptive fear throws up multiple reasons for not attempting something in life. Take the case of Arjuna, he backtracked and laid down his arms even before the start of the battle. He started giving a million reasons why he shouldn't fight at kurukshetra. Even talking about sin to The Lord Himself. But Krsna gave him a brilliant lesson to pull him out of his stupor. Even to the extent of threatening him of dire consequences. 
Finally what has to be will be. Remember you can give all possible reasons out of fear for not doing your job, but nature will drive you to do the same job regardless. 
You will say, "I did it, didn't I? "
But after cogitating and mulling over the pros and cons, dithering and being unsure about it, you finally had no recourse but to do it. This mind play constitutes a very big part of ego and karma. You mulled over possibilities and probabilities. This shows your uncertainty. You felt by doing this or that change you could alter the course of destiny. Isn't that your falacy? Remember destiny is fixed so what made you think you could change the inevitable? Isn't that your ego telling you that by not doing you could alter life? Who do you think you are to change the destiny? God? You are surely made in the image of God and all that but you are not even sure of your own identity so how can you call yourself that? 
So stop giving reasons after reasons for not doing something. Just do it. Any which way you will have no choice but to do. But stop your mind play and start doing. Remember it's your mind which gives you these reasoning and even the objections, so don't fall for the mind trap. Just do. Go on, do it because you are the one to do it. You have to face your own destiny, no one else can. So put in your best effort for you are the One! 


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