Knowledge Is Inside Or Outside?

9:22:00 PMKrishna Rao

The transitioning phase of knowledge from physical to mental would start now. We have read books, watched movies and television, listened to talks and heard over the waves, felt the object for heat and cold, etc. These are all external form of transmission and receipt of some kind of knowledge. You need some sort of impulse from the external world to understand that knowledge. 

If I go to the basic instinct we can say that the fishes and birds are programmed by their internal knowledge. They know at birth how to reach the waters or fly in the air. No one could have given them prior information about this material realm. Yet they have taken to water and air! 
Humans go about the process of educating their kind. Right from birth we create an atmosphere of knowledge paucity. So we educate or as we think we pass on knowledge. Whereas birds and animals learn from instinct and observation. Why do we not learn like that by observation? It is because we have put in our children the idea about inadequacy. We have created an understanding that we humans need knowledge so lets give ourselves instruction manuals. 
If I give you an idea about the new gadget that you have bought by a manual, it would take you a day to read and unravel it but if you just open and start putting it up, your instinct will lead you to the final product instantly. You would have saved a lot of your time doing it hands on, rather than following bookish instructions. I will agree to you when you sometimes get stuck you got to read the booklet. This happens because of specifics. Just like every version of dos has its specifics and we have to read up for specific informations on these individualistic operating systems. 
But when you come to generic it is all the same and most of us can maneuver it perfectly. 
So if we can understand such basic stuff and go around it by our own internal knowledge, it just goes to show we have tremendous amount of information or knowledge embedded. 
So futuristic knowledge will not be accessed externally but internally. 
In our ancient scriptures there is a mention of embedded information or hidden knowledge. Then there are stories which we call myths but they too have internalized information. These are codecs or coded information in scriptures known to hardly any. These can be interpreted in many ways. One is at face value. It would be just a simple story. For others it has deeper meanings. They find some teachings or religion in them. Then there are those who can understand the embedded code. There are no teachings there but just ascertaining the knowledge within to knowledge without. It's just confirmation of both. Ascertainment. Here an example will help. If one sees a dragon fruit and doesn't know about it then he asks around. The second kind will know it and enjoy the fruit. The third will look at it and just not eat it or check it out. He would just "let it be" or leave it alone. 
Our internal knowledge is a vast array of untapped information. We have to tap it inside of us. Know about it. These do not require external stimuli for inducing action. Knowledge inside is action less, yet it's not static but dynamic. It just is full. You actually don't need any more from outside. 
So as we move into the last lap of the final yuga called the Kaliyuga, this knowledge will open up. Going deeper inside we will know objects or any other even without physical perception. Even beforehand or prior to birth. You too experience it and call it déjà vu. There is no future coming ahead of us. We are just turning the page. The words exist there. We just read. Understand that we have already been there and done that. Just now it's just déjà vu. Repetition of that. For the ignorant it's wonderment, for the knower of truth it's just that mouth eating the tail. Nothing new so it's just that. 


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