My Life Sucks! Not Yours!

7:40:00 PMKrishna Rao

"She has it on a platter, whereas my life sucks", you say! 

 Everyday life is very humdrum and tasteless. Excitement comes once a while in the form of certain weather, life or health conditions. If there were no such altering situations in our world you would be bored to death. 
Just imagine eating the same old cereals every single day of life! Now you may say you have the most boring life of all. 
Of course not! Everyone has. Including Oprah or Obama. Every single day they do the same old thing which they have done all their life. The greatest excitement would have been the day she was thrown out of the channel or he became President. Do you think interviewing different people every single day or fighting for or against the Bill in the house is exciting? For you it might be since you are just another employed person. So for you to get one day in their life would mean excitement. But ask them? They will tell you it's exciting of course but not that much. Can they have your life for a day? 
We all want to live someone else's life at least for one day. To experience the thril of Travolta or Attenborough. But what have you got? The same old mundane life, you complain! 
Now you get yourself in someone else's shoes and watch your life. Empathize with your dear pal about her outlook of your life. She thinks you are having everything on the platter. A good wife, great kids, good income, beautiful home, nice car, no loans, secure job, great boss, superb holidays, no health issues.... I can go on and she could keep on saying all great stuff about your life and believe me she is envious of you! Jealous to the core since she believes you got it so easily. God has been kind to you. 
But to her, God is very unkind. Look at her own life! She had a bad marriage, kids are gone, lousy job and an ogre of a manager, measly pay, no increments in the last few years, nil bank balances, huge debt, sleepless nights, stingy parents, no girlfriends or boyfriend, slogging at weekends buying groceries, no holidays, diabetes and hyper tension, etc. 
So you guessed it. She thinks you are having a good time and she is miserable whereas you always thought she enjoyed her life. Now check out what you saw in her life. 
You considered her a lucky bi..h, no husband,  a free bird, no need to wake up to dropping kids everyday, could have any man in life, no one to share the single income, rich parents who will one day leave all to her since she is an only heir. Could go on any holiday as she pleases, drinks as she pleases, watches the Telly whenever she wants, no cares in the world! Yeah, got diabetes and bp due to her lazy habits. 
So you see, we always think the grass is greener on the other side. Now you go into that lawn and see your side with their eyes. 
Learn to be happy with your own life and stop cribbing and wishing you were someone else. You really are in a great place. Enjoy your space now. 


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