God Of The Malls

5:55:00 PMKrishna Rao

Gleefully shopping for their personal desires, you can see the malls overflowing with teeming millions. Hong Kong which is the shopping destination for the millions of Chinese, come for a days visit with empty suitcases and go back with their fill. The malls with glitzy shops are crowded with these beautiful people.

 The salespersons in these wonderful stores are a harried lot. At the end of the day there are piles of folding to be done, objects to be put back in places, nooks and corners to be cleaned and other back breaking activities to be performed. What's this craze for shopping you may wonder? Mostly the stuff that's purchased is of aspirational value. Louis Vuitton bags, Armani, Gucci, Prada, Pierre Cardin, etc are preferred brands. Most of these and other brands are produced in these same countries but sold at premium elsewhere. The shoppers who come flocking here are hunters of these elitest brands. 
Visiting the local deity is also on the cards. Now that they have done shopping they need to ask for more spending dollars for the next visit. These temples are crammed by favor seeking droves. 
The thirst for acquisition does not take us anywhere. Yet, we seek out newer and newer methods of self gratification.

Clothes, bags, inner wear or outer wear, watches, jewelry, cosmetics, exotic food items, sports equipment, footwear, massage equipment, entertainment equipment, electronics, games, videos, music, fast food, patisserie, chocolates, vehicles, travel equipment, tents, etc. these attract humans like sugar attracts ants.
Did you notice some missing things here? Knowledge based stuff like books and spiritual stuff are mostly missing. 
In Singapore stores like Kinokuniya attract thousands with wonderful array of books but again the biggest missing person there is the true God and what they sell is New Age stuff in the name of god. Shops keep books which sell all kinds of desirable stuff but no spirituality. Here the idea of spirituality is acquisition and greed. Go ask the temple deity for your personal greed. Ask for marriage, kids, jobs, love affairs, sicknesses, etc. but nowhere there is a want for the true God. Religions like the atheistic kind fuel more demands for personal greed. Then take time out for some peace of mind. Go do meditation is the great mantra. The greed and lust grows by such false beliefs. When you pray to no one but to your own well being, you get that as a temporary fruit. 
Again you are back with your shopping bags. Sex mingled with religion is a best seller too. Any religion which sells body enchantment mantra is welcome. Be it yoga combined with sex or spa treatment is always desirable. Teaching you spiritual ecstasy with a dollop of sex is the most revered way of reaching this sex crazy god.
True spirituality teaches you to stay far away from lust, greed, anger, desires, wants and so on. But where is it taught? Does it means slogging all year long earning money, then going and splurging money on such stuff and thereafter visiting one strange desire fulfilling god for few minutes? This is not spirituality.
Knowing who you truly are! Why were you brought in this world? What is your true calling? What is the truth? These and some more questions are to be addressed. 


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