Your Disability Is Your Ability!

11:28:00 PMKrishna Rao

Your disability is your ability, if you actually pay attention to it. Now if you have lost your mother at a young age, it has forced you to cook or tend to your family. If she is still alive, then you would not bother to enter the kitchen or a grocery store. 

There are people who are lame or blind. But check out their skills. The one who is physically handicapped would be a very fast runner with his equipment and the blind might be a great artist. People like Beethoven could play music without the ear for it literally. 
Our world is full of people who have something short in them. But lets not say that they are incapable of the regular activities. They are more able than those who are full of it. Those who have everything do not care for it. They feel its their birthright. Their approach to anything is casual so they fail to triumph. Instead the ones with the innate problems tops it. 
You hear stories of people from villages or under developed places vying for the top spot. Is that also the nature of the defective genes? They seem to flourish more than ever. Look at the increase in diseases or deformities and you will agree with me. The defective child survives more than ever. The child mortality rate has dropped because of modern medical methods. But the selection of genes from the defective pool thrives. More and more diseases are caused by bacteria or viruses which have overcome antibiotics. These wild unmanageable creatures thrive and spread terrible sicknesses. As is written in our scriptures, man will accept further and further weaknesses and fall. 
I cannot blame prakruti or Sophia for the disasters of mankind. If that were the case then the fault lies further than that. But that cannot be said since the further is stainless. 
That brings us back to the question. Is the defective particle deliberate. It must be. So that means we are all programmed for getting that disability. So why do we blame it as a disability? It's our trump card. We are with that lesser portion for us to excel in this world. I feel that's what makes the disabled more able. The downtrodden more elite, the weaker sex more stronger. So pardon my calling all the above with the so called negative connotations. These are the born drivers of this modern world. Let their race thrive! 


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