Immunity From Cruel Hands Of Fate!

2:15:00 PMKrishna Rao

When we read about Angeline Jolie last week, we all considered it as another way of keeping in the limelight. But that told us a few things about the frailty of life. 

What if someone closest gets breast or liver cancer? What if the next child born in the family turns out with Down's syndrome or autistic? What if you are caught in a terrorist attack or affronted with a knife wielding religious fanatic? Now anything could happen to us but why are we in a state of disconnect or disinterest when someone distant talk to us about these issues. 
We remove ourselves from such earth shattering moments and consider ourselves immune to their occurrence. Consider a whiff of such aberration touching our lives and we will be completely devastated. We have a very callous attitude towards those who show such weaknesses. Suppose your sister or youngest brother always touches you for money and he or she asks you again for it, you will not be surprised but would act immune to them and give them a piece of advice to buckle up or  stfu. You wonder why they couldn't see this condition reappearing in their life? 
You do not feel for those who go through such circumstances because you are safe and feel protected. You do not consider such instances ever occurring in your life. You feel the diseases or afflictions, accidents or attacks, poverty or emancipation are far removed from your radar in this life. 
Even gods feel protected after drinking the elixir of life. But they are not immune to the cruel hands of fate. Death or destruction could strike even them! Steve Jobs considered himself invincible yet he too succumbed. 
This weakness and frailty of life needs to be acknowledged and welcomed in our lives. No one is removed or immune to the hands of fate. Anything can happen to anyone and knowing that they should never have a condescending attitude towards the sufferers. 
A great nation with a cover for highest security is as vulnerable as a rogue nation. A healthy and wealthy human being too is most susceptible to the vagaries of life. No one is safe or immune. 
Fate is the bane of those creatures who believe they are doomed by uncertainty. They truly are! Acknowledging this cruel fate is the only option for all living creatures. 
But surrendering to God and dissolving your mind will not make you susceptible to fate.  When you hand over the reins of your life to the divine, He takes on as your charioteer and steers you through the greatest wars of life. But the most important criteria is complete surrender to His will. Absolute faith in His prowess. Knowing fully well that no harm shall ever come to His beloved devotee, strive to become that. 
No diseases or any afflictions will harm you. No weaknesses or lacunae  in the system would affect you. 
Stop thinking about consequences and results since you know they were never in your hands. If you have given your power of attorney in His hands, know that there is nothing to worry about. You are no longer in the hands of fate but you are in the hands of the maker of that fate. Safe and fully protected. 


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  1. Very true indeed...Our job is to do our work sincerely and the rest depends on him...


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