An Apathetic Interview

5:49:00 PMKrishna Rao

God is not center stage in my life and so I do not have time to think about Him. Give me one good reason to think about Him? I have none. I don't have to bother about career, since I am well settled in my job and I am not keen on too much money since I earn sufficient enough to survive and save for the rainy day. My wife is a great career woman also. Our income makes us self sufficient. We don't want to have children since we hardly have time. If need be we will adopt a healthy child after whetting many. We have insurance too. Everything is going on fine so why do I need God? His world is full of stuff which is hard to believe and it's all mumbo jumbo. I don't need anything at all and if I need I rather should go to a visible man like my doctor or lawyer. They are qualified to handle my case, at a price of course! I have no time for church visits or confessions. I know it's utter waste of time. 

Now you tell me where can I accommodate your God in my schedules? 
Sure, next time I go to Turkey I will visit Hagia Sophia or when in Rome I will find time to see the beautiful Vatican. That's as far as my spiritual journey takes me. 
I don't have any enmity with your God or with you. I know there are fanatics and mad followers too so I stay away from them. My family is all religious so we meet at thanksgiving and Christmas. There we all say grace. 
Now thank you for asking me my spiritual leanings. Will you excuse me now so that I can get back to work? No, please don't leave your literature here. I will see if I can find time sometime to come down to your church. Have a good day! 


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