Atheism And Knowers Of Truth

2:32:00 PMKrishna Rao

I wasn't shocked to learn that there are more atheists in the world today than a few years ago. The research conducted suggests that there are 13% atheists today in this world and their number is growing exponentially. In India alone the figure shot up by 6% to rest at 18%. In China 50% people are non religious. Except for Pakistan where religiosity increased by 6%. 

The USA has over 19% population which does not believe in God! 
This article appeared in the world press in the last few days. 
I guess we are heading towards a godless society soon. Considering great religions like Buddhism and Jainism has no god to look up to. 
I was talking to some of my disciples about it a few months ago about this subject of atheism. 
I told them that the reason why some people are moving towards godlessness is because there is hardly anyone who can tell them the truth about the myths that surround gods. The gods are made out to be some cartoon characters. Stories of gods are trashed because they are not answering any questions about extreme atrocities or poverty issues, rapes and mass murders in the name of god, issues like homosexuality and extramarital affairs, fake rich gurus and richer cults, forceful intervention by religious leaders and gun totting religions. Stories of gods read by the parents make no sense because kids ask questions which parents or grandparents cannot answer. They have been blind believers of this comic book god and haven't questioned his veracity. Holy books talk of gods which punish and threaten you into submission. Fearful god and god who holds up rule books in front of you. God who says that condom is no good, family planning even in the wake of population explosion is not right, sex is a taboo subject to discus but the same priests rape kids. 
Our world is fast hurtling towards chaos in Kali Yuga. With no one to explain the true meaning of God or His antecedents, the current and future generation is going towards atheism. 
Parents need to first understand whatever they are dishing out in the name of religion themselves. If they can understand then they can teach their kids properly. No longer blind beliefs should be followed. The children and elders need to question the whys and wherefores of god and ritualistic beliefs. Only if they are satisfied will they believe in that otherwise there will disbelieve. 
I was watching a Disney film called The Bridge To Terebithia and the girl questions the belief. There the question about god is raised. Why does god send you to damnation and hell if you are a non believer is the question asked. Remember it's a kids film! 
So I try to explain to my disciples about these subjects which vex them and their kids. You should get the correct explanation which will convince you. Your conviction should be based on your own logical minds inferences. You should not be afraid to question blind beliefs and rituals. Religious books need a lot of decoding for everyone. 
If you come with an open mind to learn science, then what stops you from understanding true spirituality if you come with a clean slate? Knowing God is easy if you only ask for the truth. The beginning of spirituality is with the word Quest. Short form of asking questions! Ask questions, get proper convincing answers, be satisfied with the proofs kept in front of you and don't get into false religious beliefs. God doesn't tell you to torture yourself the way religious fanatics do. 
God is about Self discovery. Knowing thyself. It's about who you truly are. It's not about some god who lives in some unknown heaven somewhere. It's about finding yourself. 
Your journey into finding yourself begins by questioning. So ask questions and seek answers from those who can satisfy your thirst. Those who know the truth can tell you about it. Seek these Knowers Of Truth first. 


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