Myths And Stories With Moral.

5:56:00 PMKrishna Rao

Stories are written about the great deeds of human beings with great powers a long time after they are dead and gone. Stories of Jesus Christ, Shakyamuni Buddha, Sriram or Sri Krsna are astounding. They are awe inspiring and unbelievable. 

To support their appearance the archeologist and historians find proof of their existence. 
You can see places which were mentioned in these stories already in existence. Jerusalem, Lumbini, Bodhgaya, Mathura, Brindavan, Dwaraka, Ayodhya and many such places exist even today with artifacts pointing towards these Great Men. 
These were Supernatural beings with Supernatural powers. They can make a dead man alive, walk over water, fight devil in the desert, conquer great kings, fly in the air, have huge aircrafts, magical weapons, kill great giants and perform some such death defying acts. With weaponry and powers far beyond the human ken and understanding. 
These Beings seem to be a far cut above even the extraordinary. Then all these had spectacular deaths too. The written texts about their great exploits are too hard for a common man to digest. There are those diehard fans who can believe in every little thing ad verbatim and swear by the books too. Then there are fanatics and zealots too. They live by these words and believe that all others who disbelieve should be put to death or tortured. Then there are those who believe in their existence and consider them Gods and Supranatural beings, praying to them. Again we have some who consider them as people with some power but they do not see the exercise of power as correct. There are no proofs for such people. They think the parting of the Red Sea, walking over to Lanka, etc. is very greatly exaggerated and unbelievable. Just so that we paltry and puny humans should believe in these astounding feats, they are put there. Then there are those who trash these stories as someone's grand imagination. Lastly there are those who oppose any such kind of stories too. There may be many more kind of believers and non believers too. Atheists and diehard fanatics too. 
But we have to admit that there are certain things that have transpired. Firstly, the stories have been written by some great people. Now why are we not doubting these people's existence. That's because these stories were found and verified as written by some such authors. Some doubts still exist like the one where- how could a single man write so much of variety like Shakespeare? Similarly, how could one Vyasmuni write such great texts? Lets discount some of that for sometime. Lets assume they could write. Now how were they inspired to do such a stupendous task? They found all their words and stories in their mind and wrote them. Of course they botched up the time factor. Sometimes the time factor is so skewed and gone awry! But then there are the artifacts that prove the existence of such men. 
So that brings us back to these Great People. They had been around, created a sort of a great wave in our understandings, people around them were awed by their persona, they did some things out of the extraordinary and created a huge following with their teachings. 
Surely, you cannot discount these followers? Sometimes we too believe in fairies and goblins, ogres and giants, magic and feats too. As children our minds were full of imaginary creatures and places. We believed in dark spaces and ghosts too. But as we grew up we lost touch with imagination and wonderment. We became too drab and non believers. That surely explains why we are so pessimistic and doubting thomases. We live in this make believe world of work and home that we have lost touch with stories and imagination which we played with. 
Every simple story seemed to have a moral for elders when they told them to the young ones. But the young ones took it at face value and believed in the characters and storyline. Not like the elders who only believed in the moral of the story. 
Now consider who could be right? Is the believer correct or the non believer? Is the child with his wild imagination right or his moral telling parent? 
The debate just goes on and as we grow up we loose touch with every fantasy and true story. We believe in the dictum- my story is the only true story, that of strife and suffering and the rest is the unbelievable myth. 
There is no Jesus or Buddha, Ram or Krsna. Only I am the true one. I don't have to give proof of my own existence. 
But that's where we disagree my dear friend. You too are imaginary. Ask yourself- who are you? Can you prove that you and this world exists? There are too many myths associated with you too. 


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  1. I remembered this beautiful phrase which I revere deep within every time you talk about these topics - "The One which cannot be ascertained by proof but only with FAITH is called GOD/Supreme Divine Consciousness"

  2. Krishna quite nicely you put the right question to conclude ... if we go to prove our existence itself would describe we are an imagination and no reality.Every Absolute is Virtual.


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