Do Lies Veil The Truth?

7:43:00 PMKrishna Rao

The art of telling lies is embedded in everyone. There isn't a single man who hasn't told lies sometime in life. Be it a sage or a servant, god or a demon, they have all done it. When people quote important texts, the words have been very carefully selected for the fallible human mind so that it only accepts that which the so called protectors of society passed muster. You will never be told the truth or the real words which that great persona uttered. They will always be modified to suit the taste of the gullible public. 

The religious groups do that more often so that we puny human beings do not carry some wrong meanings home. Be it any sect, the books and words are doctored for the populace.  Sometimes the lies are so well covered with a sugar coating of incidents that they are colorful and miraculous in nature. We accept these falsehoods as gospel truth. Isn't it strange to know that someone who is considered an ascetic or chaste, is a great adept of the fuzzy world of Tantra? Or someone who marries a premature child? Child marriages are not sanctioned by law, yet these great protectors of society have married these nubile souls? Marrying a prostitute or giving her a position in society is the greatest acts a human could do but when it's done by some great person, it's covered up! Instead of praising that great man, the tabloid or yellow media splashes it in a poor light. 
So why are truths covered by lies? 
Again the reasoning being, the society is being protected by wrong meanings attributed to these truths! 
The spiritually perfect know there is neither truth, nor falsehood in this world. Truth and lies are both qualifying each other. When someone says that he is telling the truth, it clearly means that there is falsehood on the other side of the coin. When someone tells blatant lies, know that the truth is hidden. 
But when there is neither this nor that to qualify each other, what remains? Like they say in Sanatan dharma- there is neither sat nor asat in this creation. Everything IS! 
No qualifier to look at. Everything in this manifest domain is under the spell of Maya and so it gets qualified as Maya's truth or falsehood! Maya herself is unreal, so how can anything told by unreal be real? 
So every story told in the epics or mythological stories needs to be assessed by the ones who are seeking the truth. Read them, assimilate, cogitate and seek the real. Ask the knowers of truth the answers. Blindly following some beliefs or books have no meanings. Ask questions and seek answers. Even if its the gospel truth, accept it after testing it and ascertaining it yourself. You should be convinced thoroughly before you can accept it. 
In your material life, you do not accept a defective equipment, then why would you accept that where doubt reigns? 


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  1. Everyone responds to stimuli from his/her level of awareness. The response is true or false, right or wrong, or lies in between the poles, depending on the observer's level of awareness! This is the meaning of maya, I think.

    Enjoyed reading this piece.

  2. truth and lies qualify eachother's existence ... either both are real or virtual ..
    they say to see is to believe .. and they who say so .. cannot filter out .. Maya by any chance
    Thoughtful !!


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