In Love And Out Of Love!

10:30:00 PMKrishna Rao

How a person falls out of love can never be told. The answer to that is the words- "I am no longer in love with you"-and that's just it! 

When you fell in love did you need a reason for doing that? Similarly when you got out of being in love, there are no reasons. 
But man wants all sorts of reasons when he does both the things! He feels that there are specific reasons for falling in love. He believes its the look, the vibes, the pheromone effect, circumstances, destiny and some other reasons. In the same way he feels that there are reasons which made him fall out of love. The attitude, the less space, a new found love, a distance issue, time, less attention, cruelty and so on. Don't forget destiny once again! 
Now you may give a million reasons for falling in and out of love, yet the fact remains that no one can actually say why that happened. All the reasons seem too far out. 
I guess everyone finds love in their life at any point in time. But the idea that you are in love doesn't strike you till late. Same goes for falling out of love. Love has been a much debated subject since ancient times. But no one can pin point the origin or decay of that beautiful feeling or emotion. Then again we are conditioned beings and we cannot have unconditional love. There will always be reasons and more reasons for everything happening to us. 
Can we accept it as it is and be in love? Do we need reasons for every silly thing in this world? Do we need to firm up the love by means of some legal bond? Aren't those conditions where love cannot exist? I was going over a transcript where the protagonist says that I am no longer in love with you in every sphere. Material, physical and spiritual! I have fallen out of love with you! 
I wondered whether it was love or something else then! 
Spiritual beings are all inter connected and never separate so where does the question of individual love come into the picture? The oneness of life is a thing much debated by pundits. The self, God, Brahman and all other names suggest the singularity so where can we have "no love" there? The opposite of love is not hate but apathy. In love you have some feelings but when there are no feelings of any kind what do you call it? 
The One is full of love for itself hence it creates you. So that it could experience this great emotion or feeling. So anyone who believes in that divine will feel love but the non believers live to love themselves alone. That too is good enough. At least there is love. 
So to sum it all, you are always in love with your own self so by extension we can say that there are no feelings of falling out of love with another. You and this universe, God, Self or whatever you may believe in are one alone and you are in love always. With your own self. The idea of duality brings about separation and then you can fall in or out of love.  The idea on which the Father and Son(Christ) or the idea of Krsna and Radha is based on this Oneness. But the moment you have two or more, like in case of Father and Jesus or Krsna and Radha on earth, the separation happens. Then it is purely material and physical love. It has to die one day. So Jesus has to die on the cross and Krsna has to leave Radha! This love disappears to surface again in the next life. 
So fall in or out of love, you will know duality and separation but when you are One with God, you will always be in love unconditionally! 


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  1. Love is mundane; a state of mind. And it has no match to love with god which is divine and all pervasive.

  2. well as much i have felt it ... its an emotion which may seem to have died down with time but prevails deep within ... although I read the post thrice if not more.. just to relate the entire thought..

    Well,falling in love , is always dependent on favoring situations.. to promote .. the emotion.. be it a man/woman we fall in love with , a struggling situation which makes us fall in love with our parents and siblings,children and spouse...or a blissful place which makes us believe in the existence of the Almighty and fall for the ONE.
    however once felt such an emotion about anyone or anything...there is no returning.. unfavorable situations make the emotion stronger.
    I dont think there can be anything which can make us fall out of love .. it only happens when it never was love , in the first place ..


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