Smoking Alcohol And Extended Bliss!

1:06:00 AMKrishna Rao

Every human being wants to extend his own time of enjoyment and happiness. He is willing to go to any length for fulfilling his innate and secret desires. I am sure this has brought to attention many cases that you have read in recent times. The rape of the girl in the bus and subsequent death, the unlawful confinement of another by her biological father for many years in Bangalore or the case of the three women in the USA by the driver. 

Extending the length of enjoyment brings about the case of smoking alcohol to the fore. It tells you how people attract calories when they drink alcohol but the length of enjoyment is curtailed and the resultant hangover. This can be easily eliminated by smoking alcohol. There are various devices to get your head high by the least amount of alcohol by vaporizing it directly through the breath and lungs to the brain. Now you can be high on a very limited quantity of alcohol by inhalation for more than 6 to 8 hours. Your enjoyment can be extended for the least amount of money. 
Today there is a pic story of Brad Pitt who is undergoing a depressive phase of his partners health concern by smoking pot! Binge eating by various people is also a method of extending happiness. Can you keep that stuff you enjoy so much on your tongue for a long time without ingestion? Sometime you have to gulp it down or throw it out. Just like the gutka or paan. Your happiness ends as soon as it started. 
Now there are other things like substance abuse, sexual gratification, sensual pleasures, porn and many other devices for tittilation of the most important invisible organ of all- the mind! 
The pleasure and pain centers are managed by the mind. You can experience both by the mind. Hormones can extend the human enjoyment cycles too. 
But it all ends way too soon. You can never find permanent happiness or enjoyment in anything where the human desire meets. It will always fall short of expectation. Take the case of a cigarette which ends very soon. Then you can take up chain smoking but still you will be dissatisfied. Nothing can guarantee permanent enjoyment or happiness. 
There is but one thing which can take you on a permanent trip to ecstasy. That is the pleasure of knowing your true Self. That is always in permanent blissful state. No need of any external substance to modify the state of your being. You can be lost constantly in a state of joy and happiness. The dealer of this ecstatic state is your spiritual Master. He can show you the path to getting lost in a constant state of blissful ness. Join His gang of addicts and get lost in the spiritual world of divine bliss of consciousness. 


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