The Mind And Pink Unicorn!

9:25:00 AMKrishna Rao

It's said that you can drain the entire ocean of water, lift the Himalayan range or count the grains of sand but no one can overcome the mind! 

Mind is the most formidable force which cannot be defeated even by the gods. It's the principle organ whose whereabouts are not known to anyone. You can identify every other part of your body including the senses but no one has been able to pin point the minds space inside the human being. 
Mind is the most elusive and invisible force within us to reckon with. It's called the highest sense organ. All the other senses and body parts report to it. Mind is just like muddied waters. It is agitated and will show a dense particles or venom and grief on itself. Sometimes the varied hues of fishes are present and those times it is happy and filled with joy and laughter. At other times it is dark and dingy with turbulence hidden in it. It hides a range of emotions. For anyone to decipher what goes in there is the most daunting task. A lover cannot depict what goes inside the others mind. It can get vengeful at times or purely venomous. Spewing fire and brimstone and at the drop of the hat it can be placid and still too. 
Don't be carried away at its demeanor. You haven't heard the last of it. Some people can carry the grudge right till the grave. Some can be joyous and pleased with what life offers. Some can be full of misery and dreary till eternity. 
Spiritual teaches you to first overcome this destructive, delusive mind. With techniques taught by the great yogic masters you can take charge of this mind. Later you can control it. But controlling the mind is not as easy as it seems. It's like a wild horse not wanting to be tamed. 
Though it is considered that there is a no mind status, to achieve that is nearly impossible. Great people like Buddha could get to that state but a common man cannot think like that. He believes there is a mind and he needs to conquer it. The highest of the sages know that the mind itself is unreal and any kinds of thoughts which appear in that is itself unreal. Two unreal things cannot exist simultaneously. That means a unicorn which is pink in color cannot exist. First the creature called unicorn is not real and top of it it's pink in color. Both get negated since one unreal thing cannot exist inside another. 
The state where you are convinced that the mind is non existent is utopian in nature but it can exist. Overcome the mind by sadhanas and then you can get to the next one of non existent mind. Persevere and you will meet this pink unicorn and you will be able to kill it then. Otherwise believe in your true Self and know that the mind never exists. 


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