Everything Is Lost

8:24:00 PMKrishna Rao

Everyone feels that everything is lost sometime in life. To some it happens twice or many more times. But it happens to all. 
Do you think it doesn't happen to the manifest One too? It does and it's not comparable. 
The utter helplessness felt by the divine is unfathomable. Imagine what Jesus went through when He was told that He had to be crucified. Or the times when He tells His disciples that one of them will betray Him. Or when He tells Peter that he will deny Him three times even before the cock crows. Can anyone understand the pain experienced by Him? Can you think about it if you were to be nailed to the cross? Deceit, betrayal, grief or pain are words never attributed to Jesus' life. But His life was fraught with it. 
Now let's come to Shri Ram. He had His share of troubles too. He was just so close to getting crowned the Crown Prince and was summoned to tell that He needs to abdicate and get exiled to the jungles. He has to go to the jungles there and then. Then in the jungles to loose His wife to some unknown enemy. Searching for Her, He lands up in Lanka. Thereafter, He has to let Sita go in the jungles all alone. Every instance is heart rendering and pitiful. You wouldn't have the guts to go through even a fraction of that. 
Siddharth, the Prince who had never seen the four evils of society like death, old age, etc., faces them to move stealthily into the jungles. He goes without food or clothes for days to emerge the Buddha. Again getting betrayed by His dearest disciples and poisoned to death. Or when He realizes His dearest devotee plotting to kill His successor. Life isn't a bed of roses even for the divine and the Perfect. 
Krsna, though never associated with pain and deceit, had His share too. Imagine having to leave the love of His life behind never to see Radha again ever or to meet His Gopi's.  Later, to hand over His kingdom to someone else. To loose it again to His arch enemy. Lastly to know how His entire family is getting wiped out at Prabhasa. 
It is impossible to know what these great Divine personas went through in their lives. We only look upon them as God incarnate but we don't believe them to be the sufferers. These are spiritually perfect Ones but we feel such trivial troubles can never harm them. But they did and we are unable to fathom their pain and misery. 
Now when I think of my own issues, none believe that I too could be affected by pain, misery or betrayal too. When someone who has learnt from me leaves and goes or accuses me of partiality, it naturally creates an impact. Deceit and treachery are also part of my world as well. Do you believe people don't come and lie about everything? They do. They tell half truths. 
If Judas could betray Jesus, who was God incarnate, so don't you think that there would be people who would betray me too who am in no comparison to any of the above? I am just a nobody but a simple teacher, unlike Dharmakirti who was betrayed by Kumarila Bhatta. So hurt and pain form a greater part of my world also. So just like any other ordinary human being, Being equally a lesser human than most others, I too, have to go through all kinds of ups and downs, pain and pleasures, troubles and misfortunes, deceit and treachery, lies and accusations and every other thing that any person goes through. 
So feeling lost sometimes I am overcome with pain, shed tears like Rama, get crucified and betrayed like Jesus, loose love like Krsna and want to leave like Buddha to gain nothingness. So feeling everything is lost is same to everyone, even the Divine. 


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