Helpless And Incapable.

8:07:00 PMKrishna Rao

I am feeling so helpless and incapable just now. I want to do so much but I am unable to do. All because there so much shortage of money. I wish that I had so much money right now that I wouldn't have to beg around like that. I hate asking anyone for money. I say, enough is enough. I have had enough of this hand to mouth existence. 

It appears that I seem to read your mind so very well. You have been thinking like this now for sometime. You wonder how I could understand you so well? But my dear friend, this is exactly how everyone feels like. It's not you alone. You should understand, that every human being operates from this position of weakness. The universe is always falling short of everything. Be it money or food grains or water or even air. 
Let go to the beginning of it all. Where did you start feeling so low about the money? Is it when your expenses shot up or is it when you suddenly had to spend an uncalled amount? Or is it you defaulted in payment for some silly reason? Is it that you never delivered something which you were supposed to in time? 
The easiest thing to do is blame someone else. None better than the invisible One, God! Why hasn't God given me this or that? He gives everyone else but me! Just see how this statement sounds- as if God wants to single you out and trouble you. He has nothing else to do but make an idiots(your) life miserable. Of all the people and zillions of creatures existing in His universe, why would He love to irritate you of all the persons? So doesn't it mean the root cause is some other and not God, as you wrongly accuse Him off! 
Your money issues or life issues stem from the fact that someone out there hates you and that someone is YOU alone. Let's see how it works. If you have a huge amount of college fees to be paid of your daughter, then shouldn't you have planned it well in advance to put aside a little amount so that she could go to that college? 
When you were aspiring to buy that house, didn't you over stretch your budget and took a very big loan amount instead of what was affordable? Couldn't you have settled for a smaller place? Maybe a smaller monthly payment, or a step up plan? There are a million possibilities and solutions. 
Similarly, marriage means expenses and that too recurrent. Think about them right at the beginning. Marriage expenses apart, living expenses, house rents, food, clothing, tours and travels, savings, children, education, sickness, festivals, etcetera.. So many expenses, unaccountable by your mind when you actually went into it. So why weren't you aware that you are in for a bigger trouble in life? You never thought? 
Now let's come to some unforeseen circumstances. Like floods, droughts, sudden illnesses, loss of job, tragedies and so on. These were not accounted for but they happened. 
Then the next thing I will tell you is called- Destiny. Now this creature can strike you any moment. But who knows when it becomes active? Whether you believe there is God or not, what has to be will be and we call that destiny. So move away from blame game again. Don't start accusing some God for your troubles. See, the atheists cannot blame God, because they don't believe in Him. So they have to blame themselves for all their troubles. So you, the believer too should not accuse Him. 
The ancient scriptures tell you that everything has it's cause and effect. Newton's third law also states that- every action has an opposite and equal reaction. So you must have done something sometime to get that to happen to you! Whether you like it or not, nothing happens for no reason at all. Something's happen for some definite reason. A person will slap you only if you would have slapped him sometime back. It is the universal law of give and take. Enough of this stupid blame game. So now let's get back to your money problem. 
There are no sure fire methods of making millions or billions. Some can be elucidated here. If you succeed by using them then you can pay me a commission, what says? Just kidding! Go on.....
1. Working hard and working smart. Put efforts in the right direction to get desired results. 
2.  Educate yourself well to know how to make money. If you have to take up professional courses or go to college, do it. 
3. Seek out knowledgeable people. That means the experts in the field. They know their job better than you so look out for them. Also pay them for their services. 
4. The place of activity is very important. Don't expect to sell warm clothes in summer. Common sense will tell you that you have to use the gray matter in your skull. 
5.  Timing is very crucial. If you do not respect time then you are sure to have failures. Do the right things at the right time. Not before and not afterwards. Right there and then. 
6. Create a team which can work hand in hand with you. How you lead your team will get you more success. 
7. Plan for every little thing that you can think about. Be meticulous in your plan. Do a 360 degree plan. Take into account all kinds of eventualities. 
8. Trust no one whereas money matters are concerned. Including yourself too. You too can loose your mind where money is concerned. So keep accounts of every little stuff. Also be accountable for everything. 
9. Always have a buffer or fall backs. Insurance, covers, second opinions or choices, second in command, etc.. So know what can happen if you fail also. 
10. Lastly keep faith in yourself and your abilities. And if you believe in God, then put your faith in Him. 
So now I shall tell you one last thing. Success or failures are never in anyone's hands. So don't bother whether you will succeed or not. Doer-ship is your only alternative. So just do it and don't bother about the end results. Plan for success but know that the end results can never be perfect or ascertained. 


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